Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!

My mommy dressed me up in this silly pumpkin outfit for Halloween! I won't be trick or treating this year, just dressing up so my mommy can take lots and lots of pictures! My mommy calls me her 'lil pumpkin

I'm striking a pose early this morning!

Happy Halloween to all my cousins: Emma, Mason, Tess & Reese...I can't wait to meet my cousins who live in Virgina!! Daddy says Mason will have to teach me how to build things!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A day at the mall...

Today mommy and her friend Ashley met at Penn Square mall to get a jump start on Christmas shopping. My mommy is trying to get me started early on liking to shop as much as she does!
For daddy's sake, let's hope I don't like to spend as much money as my mommy!

I slept pretty much the entire time while at Penn Square
Every morning I get to sit in my swing for a little bit while mommy gets the house picked up

Posing for mommy before we headed out for the day!
I'm not sure that I like baths just yet, but I sure look cute in my new hooded towel!

You can't read my shirt, but it says Daddy's MVP. I'm that for sure! After we went shopping me and mommy surprised daddy at work!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another lazy day!

Not much new to report today. I've had a peaceful and lazy day with my sweet little Turner. He had a wonderful night last night only waking up once. I hope it keeps up!

His hair is very curly right after a bath

He looks like he's up to something!

Trying to smile for his mommy


Look at those sweet little chicken legs! With as much as he's eating, they won't be that skinny much longer!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall is here!

!Fall is here and so is our little pumpkin!
On Saturday, our adoption agency, Deaconess Adoption, had a hay ride, weenie roast, and bond fire for all the adoption families and it was a BLAST! It is so refreshing to meet other families who are lucky enough to experience God's complete surrender of adoption. John thought Turner needed an OSU fleece blanket, so he went to Hobby Lobby and got some fabric for me to make a fleece blanket. It certainly kept our little guy warm on the hay ride!

The weekend flew by that's for sure! We enjoyed Lolly & Grandma Rose so much. I am truly blessed to be so close to my sweet little Grandma Rose. Growing up, she lived right behind us and Crystal and I went over there every single day after school. She fixed Crystal Lipton's rice and made me home-made french fries...yes EVERY SINGLE DAY! How lucky were we...

Turner loves his papa. On weekends, papa stays up with me to give mommy a good night's rest. How spoiled is my mommy.

Lolly & Turner before Church

Grandma Rose and her sweet little Great grandson

Turner in his Sunday's best

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lolly, Grandma Rose, & Football is the PERFECT Saturday

We've had a pretty laid back Saturday. Lolly & Grandma Rose got into town late last night and we were so happy! They've been giving me lots and lots of kisses!

Go Pokes!!! Beat Texas!!!!
I can't seem to stay awake during football games!

Am I adorable or WHAT!?!

Thanks cousin Grey & Rawley for letting me borrow this adorable OSU outfit!

Grandma Rose, me, and my big sissy Lexus!

Lolly snuggling with me...can you tell I'm loving every minute of it!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Blessed beyond words....

I sit here this morning in awe of the blessings God has given John & I. Nearly a year ago we were told our 1st attempt at in vitro wasn't successful and to say the least we were devastated....and I questioned why us???? But as I reflect back, I would not change a single thing. This is what God had planned for our family all along.
My dear friend Amy sent me this bible verse last week and it really sums up the past 2 years of our lives
"We pray that the Lord will give you the strength to stick it out over the long haul-not the grim strength of gritting your teeth, but the glory strength God gives. It is the strength that endures the unendurable and spills over into joy, thanking the Father that he makes us strong enough to take part of everything bright and beautiful that He has for us." Colossians 1:11-12 The Message

Grandpa, Grandma & Reese came by for lunch today to see little you can tell, he enjoyed every minute of it! He is definitely a Satterfield, because he already likes his sweet grandma to scratch his back.
Turner & mommy ventured out to Wal-mart early this morning to beat the "Wal-mart" crowd!

Look at those sweet lips....good for lots and lots of mommy kisses!

He's ready to go hunting with daddy in his camo gear!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lazy Days

With this chilly weather, Turner & I have decided to stay bundled up at home and I have to admit I'm loving every minute of it. I could definitely get use to this. We've made hot tea, watched old movies, and stayed in our pj's and snuggled. Life is good....

As most of you know, Lexus was my 1st baby and she's still that. She's loving Turner but still needs her mommy time too! Thought this was a priceless picture of us this morning before John left for work.

Turner is still sleeping very good at night and during the day...thanks to Baby Wise.

You can't see his policeman badge because of his hands, but today's he's our Little Policeman

Not sure if he wants to wake up or just keep sleeping
Tomorrow night, Lolly and Grandma Rose are coming to visit us for the weekend and we are SOOOO excited! Turner misses all their sweet kisses.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Strong hands

Last night we had the most amazing visit with "C." She was so relieved to get court behind her and said the judge was very nice. I've said this before, but C is such a sweet person. This visit was much more natural than the last visit at the hospital. It actually seemed like we had known her for years. She has a strong faith and asked that I say thank you to all of our friends and family who have been praying for her. Please continue to pray for her as she starts this new part of her life. We will send her pictures monthly and get to see her again around Christmas time. She loved holding Turner and kept saying what a beautiful little baby doll he was. She even thanked us...can you believe that! She loved hearing about Turner's last 2 weeks and wanted to know all about his extended family and our friends. My heart just breaks for her...I wanted to take her home with us so bad last night. I could have stood there forever giving her a goodbye hug. We have a special bond with her that words cannot explain. We are truly blessed she wants to be a part of Turner's life. There is no doubt, she is crazy about him and loves him dearly. She said the only thing that has gotten her through the past 2 weeks is knowing that she feels very comfortable with John & me and she knows we will love him with all of our hearts and spoil him rotten! And we will certainly do just that! And we will tell Turner every single day that C loves him and give him a kiss from her.

Everybody who sees Turner comments on how big his hands are....well, he gets those big, strong hands from "C"

Turner chilling in his chair this morning! Thanks Aunt CC for my swing...I love it, especially when mommy hooks up her IPOD so I can listen to Watermark! It puts me to sleep every time

Monday, October 20, 2008

Prayer Request

Tomorrow Turner's Birthmother, "C", goes to court at noon to relinquish her rights. Please pray that the judge is kind & compassionate towards her and she has complete peace with her decision. Our hearts break for her but we rejoice in knowing Turner will understand that "C" loved him with all her heart and them some. After court, we will be so excited to see her at the adoption agency so she can love on our little angel. For those of you who aren't familiar with adoption, after she relinquishes her rights, she can't change her tomorrow is the big day! I spoke to our adoption specialist this afternoon and she said "C" is excited to see Turner and is anxious to get her court date behind her. AND WE ARE TOO!!

God has certainly challenged me to completely trust him with all things and realize worrying does absolutely no good at all. And I can say for the 1st time in my life, I'm doing just that, giving it all to him for his glory!

My 1st attempt of taking some newborn pictures of Turner. He absolutely hates being naked so we had to wait until he was good and asleep and then click away!
Turner had his 2 week checkup today with the pediatrician and is back up to birth weight (actually 2 oz. over 7.11) and his umbilical cord finally fell off! YAY!
Turner's wanting his paci
Is he adorable or what......
Turner also had his re screen for hearing this afternoon. And I am happy to report he passed with flying colors!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Journey Church here we come!

We got up this morning and decided today we would brave the early service at church...and to no surprise, Turner was a perfect little angel. We were a little worried our "rock 'n roll" music might wake him up, but nope! Pastor Clark even came up to us and said what a handsome little boy he was.

Mommy & Turner before church
His adorable "Sunday outfit" courtesy of Candy
Snoozing on the way to church
Aunt CC snuggling with her little man Turner looking at aunt CC's beautiful eyes!