Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A weekend in pictures!

What a fun past 2 weekends!  We have soaked up all this gorgeous weather and participated in various Christmas celebrations! 
Starting with Christmas at Brookhaven village in Norman...

 Guess who is nice....
 and who is naughty!! 
 Just kidding!!
 Our 1st visit with Santa this year..although we don't put much focus on Santa at all...we still like to get our picture taken with him!
 Sis would NOT make eye contact with him...she's still not sure who this crazy man is
 And a visit with Santa isn't complete without a sleigh ride
This is FUN!!
 Jordan spent a long weekend with us and celebrated Christmas Spectacular at our church!  We are so blessed to belong to a church where we praise Jesus and have a BLAST!!
~ And speaking of Spectacular...don't these boys look mighty spectacular!!!
 All 3 of my love bugs ready for church
A little Christmas cheer to end the blog! 

This Christmas we have chosen to really cut back on gifts for the kids and use that money to bless others.  I have been extremely proud of Turner~ he really enjoyed and seemed to understand our desire to buy gifts for children who needed clothes and had no toys.  I love his sweet little heart.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's beginining to look a lot like Christmas!

 Red pjs and slippers are a must when decorating for Christmas
 Showing a little Christmas love
 Santa's little helper #1
 Santa's little helper #2

 Headed to Deaconesses party all decked out in our Christmas attire

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to the best daddy in the whole wide world!

We love our daddy because.....

We made John a big banner with all these pictures for his office.  He loved it!! 


Thanksgiving blessings

Blessings certainly flowed on Thanksgiving Day!!  We were surround by special family and friends!  We were extra blessed that Lydia's birth family came to spend the holiday with us.  The weather was perfect, the food was delish and the fellowship was best of all!!
 Alonna teaching sis how to make funny faces!
 The boys loved pulling the girls in the wagon....and notice the orange crush in the cup holder!  Now this is the life!
 Guess how you can burn Thanksgiving Day calories.....take a swim the next day!  And so we did
 Going in for a slobbery kiss!
 We were so blessed my mom got to spend the long weekend with us but sad dad wasn't able to come because of work.  Not only was she a huge help but we got to go on a date night to celebrate our 9 year anniversary!  Love you mom!!
 Enjoying the sunshine
Yes I'm biased, but are they not all incredibly gorgeous!!!! Look at all those smiles!

So thankful to be surrounded by so many people whom we love dearly and are forever thankful for!