Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hair all gone!

Yes, it's sad but true...Friday afternoon we cut all of Turner's hair off! Poor little guy, his hair was really matting up in the back and it was torture for both mommy and papa to comb it every day...so for now, Turner has a short do :) When we pulled his curls straight, they were almost 6 inches long! So we'll start the process of growing it out again...never to let it get quiet as long as it was before because it's a beast to take care of!
Short but still adorable!

On Saturday was mom's birthday- so everyone came to our house for the weekend to celebrate!
Yes she's 52 years young :) or is it 25...you be the judge
Poor Eric- maybe one of these days he will appreciate taking pictures as much as sis and I do....Turner was making an "Eric face" as we like to say!
Washing his hair is a piece of cake now!!
Pops and Turner enjoying the beautiful fall like weather
Sharing his favorite green Popsicle with Pops
Telling Lexus a BIG secret
For only being 22 months, Turner has such a caring spirit...he was making sure Lexus was covered up so she wouldn't be cold...then gave her a hug good night!
Turner adores his Grandma Rose! She was such a trooper...we went to an Estate sale, took her shopping at the mall, then ate at her favorite place- Olive Garden. She made a perfect weekend just that much more special
Showing Grams how to work the screw driver!
So besides the new hair cut news...we have some more exciting news at the Satterfield casa....TURNER IS GOING TO BE A BIG BROTHER IN A FEW MONTHS! We got the call yesterday that we were chosen by another "C". We are headed to Tulsa on Tuesday to meet her and her family. We could not be more thrilled. God is so faithful and is blessing our socks off right now. Not only will we have a new baby in the house, but I recently accepted another job with St. Jude in the Gift Planning department and will begin that journey early October. I will be able to work from home and have less night and weekend work....all while sharing the St. Jude mission with donors who are passionate about a place that makes miracles come true!
So it's been a weekend/week full of blessings

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This past Sunday, Pastor Clark challenged each of us to FULLY experience and bask in the purest form of God's Love for 7 days. Although the challenge seems easy, it really got me thinking about times when I truly experienced God's unconditional love. Love is something I've seen, read & sang about, believed in but have I ever experienced it? The answer is 110% yes! Most recently with our journey with Braxton & Molly. I've thought a lot about them this past week. There is no doubt in my mind that I experienced God's love and grace thru that entire journey, especially the night before and the day we returned him to his mother's arms. John & I had the opportunity to grasp onto heart ache, anger, depression, bitterness but instead we chose to cling tightly to God's love. "But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love: for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble" Psalm 59:16
So keeping on the subject of love...here are some things Turner loves~

Turner LOVES his papa and so do I! We are so incredibly blessed & lucky to have John lead our family with such heart & character.

playing outside..especially in the dirt and grass
jumping off rocks

running all over the back yard...so fast that it's hard for mommy to catch me!
Turner loves to sing! We listen to KLOVE on the way to Ms Kathy's each morning and he is usually singing & clapping along in the back seat! I'm sure we are a sight to see!
Some of his favorites are "Jesus loves Me", "Skinamerick a dink a dink", "You are my Sunshine", "Itsy bitsy spider" and most recently the chorus to "Don't worry be Happy"
the splash park in Norman
Oh so much fun!
Eating carrot cupcakes!
green popsicles
playing hide n seek with mommy and his sissy's
Reading books....and lots of books. Anything with tractors or trucks on them seem to be his top choice these days. We read him 3 books at bed time..but lately we've been reading the same book 3 times over and that does the trick~
sitting on the potty...we haven't started potty training yet, but we just pretend
being silly and making mommy laugh!
Some more things Turner loves
his feet being rubbed
bath time
climbing on just about anything
pears & apples
drinking from a "big" cup
zoo & the monkeys
acting like a dog or a frog
watching for airplanes

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Brotherly Love

Last week we were blessed to keep Jordan, Turner's half brother, for a few days while Charlene was having sweet baby Trinity. To say this week was special was an understatement. I was humbled, blessed, heart broken, and inspired all from being around a precious 6 year old little boy. We had a fun filled week with Jordan...we are hoping to have play dates at least once a month. It is very important to us that Turner and Jordan have a relationship. It was so neat to watch these 2 play with one another. Jordan definitely understands adoption, Turner is still too young...but there is NO denying these boys know they are brothers. They instantly bonded...you'll be able to see it in the pictures below. We all fell in love with Jordan and are so excited he's part of our family- I've already spoken to him 2 times this week...he certainly has me wrapped around his finger

Jordan is definitely a mommy's boy! I told him he could pick out a toy at Walmart...and he asked if instead of him getting a toy, he wanted to get his mom and baby Trinity a gift....MELT MY HEART! He is so gracious and is always thinking about others before himself. So wise beyond his age

Jordan's favorite breakfast is pancakes...John was so precious and stayed home late one morning to make pancakes for us! Jordan was in heaven...he loved helping John stir and pour the mix!

My cup runneth over

Jordan and his new sister

Turner and Jordan got to experience going to the movies for the 1st time together- We saw Despicable Me...it was pretty cute and both of the boys were angels! We all enjoyed popcorn and soda!

One morning we had donuts!

Is that not the sweetest thing ever....Turner snuggled right up next to Jordan

This one makes me tear up too....can't you just see the love in their eyes for one another

On Tuesday, not only did we get to play with Jordan all day but we also got to meet up with Braxton and Molly...and oh what a joy that was! Molly looks amazing and Braxton is a little love bug! They are both doing very well....and I have no doubt Braxton is exactly where God wants him to be. It was so refreshing to visit with Molly...that evening we were texting back and forth and she asked if her and Braxton could call me "Aunt Chass"....talk about being speechless~ Wow wow wow! I would have never dreamed I'd get to experience the things we have with adoption...but man oh man how blessed I am to have walked down this path. It has stretched me more than I could have imaged in my wildest dreams..made me a better Christian, mother, daughter, wife and friend.

1st round of the "Dance off" competition!

Jordan and Chucky Cheese

I'm so glad I had my camera close by to capture this moment....both the boys were playing in the water and then all of a sudden started hugging....I can't explain the connection these 2 brothers have~ it's pretty cool!

Last time we met at the zoo, Jordan was a little unsure of the birds...not this time!

Brotherly love FOREVER!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Busy, Busy, "Bee Bugs"

I seriously thought after June was over, things would slow down...but oh how I was mistaken! Don't get me wrong...we love being busy...especially when it involves spending time with our precious families! Last week I was in Memphis for almost an entire week and had such a wonderful time with all my co-workers across the country! Although I missed my boys terribly, it's such an awesome feeling to absolutely LOVE working for a place that gives so much hope to some of the worlds sickest kids.

Then the week before that, was the Satterfield family week! All of John's brothers were in town and we made some fantastic memories and had tons of good laughs. We had family pictures made...hadn't done that in nearly 4 years! They turned out wonderful! I am so blessed to have married into such a strong Christian family who I love beyond words. The week flew by too fast, but we packed in a lot of fun in a few short days!

On Thursday we all went to the Omniplex...that morning Charlene called and said her and Jordan were going to the zoo...so we made a quick stop at the zoo to say hi!

Tomorrow Charlene is going to be induced at 7:00 am...so sweet Jordan is going to be staying with us over the next few days and we are so excited! He is such a little doll...every time we see him, he brings Turner one of his favorite toys...such a big heart for such a little guy. Charlene asked John & I if we'd be Trinity's God parents....WOW talk about a moment that takes your breathe away!

This weekend, Turner experienced his 1st of many "lake" days! He was a champ...slept 75% of the time and even rode the tube with mommy and Aunt CC. Mommy however was not so lucky, at the end of the day, I had a huge black eye! 1st one ever...and my body is ever so kindly remindig me I'm no longer 18 years old!

We love the zoo!

Check out all those pearly whites~

Nothing says summer like Ice cream....

and the pool!

and a slide....

and slip and slide fun!!

Who would have thought that a $10 slip and slide would provide so much fun!

This was too funny and just proves how smart a 22 month old can be...so John was putting away cups in the top cabinet and needed the step ladder....Turner disappeared for a few short moments...and wah lah...came back with his own step ladder to help daddy!

A cookout with cousins and the "big" table!

Turner is in the "train" phase...he loves loves loves trains! And the one at the Omniplex is his favorite

He is certainly all boy...trains, tractors, race cars!

While sis and I made a mad dash to Amarillo for mom's surgery, the Satterfield family spent the day at Kelley, Heath, and Reese's house! They had so much fun running and playing in the sprinklers in their big back yard! I think Turner's smile says it all! Him and Reese are good buddies!
Thank you Johnny & Judy for hosting such a special week! Love you with all my heart!