Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So much to be THANKFUL for!

I think this was the most relaxed and calm Thanksgiving we've had! It was just the 4 of us and my mom. My dad was on call, CC and E came last weekend and Judy was at the cabin!

Sissy celebrating because we have so much to be THANKFUL for!
Mommy's extra thankful that daddy LOVES to cook! He also spoiled me with an awesome 8 year anniversary weekend getaway! He treated me to Red Prime in OKC then a night at the historic Skirvin Hotel, followed by a delish breakfast and a massage the next morning!

Turned loved having Lolly all to himself! They spent hours playing with his cars and neon race track!

I have to brag on my honey- he's not just a good cook- he's AMAZING in the kitchen! He loves to try new recipes ~ for Thanksgiving dinner he made goose, parsnips, turnips, potatoes, and carrots, and dressing with raisins, apples & cider. Then Lolly made my Grams special cranberry salad as well as a new cranberry relish!

Thanks Lolly for helping with the kiddos so we could have a much needed date night!

Proudly showing off his Turkey shirt on Thanksgiving morning

this mommy is also thankful for "cool" healthy snacks!

Turner's "happy helpers"

We are especially thankful for life-long friends! My BFF and her family stopped by on their way to her parents to let the kids "run off some steam" before another 3 hours in the car! The boys had so much fun playing together...oh how I wished we lived in the same town!

and these 2 were absolutely adorable!

Once again, I am reminded how truly blessed we are and am humbled by the greatness of our creator!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Broken Belly Button

On Tuesday we headed for OU Children's bright and early for Turner to get a new belly button! He was born with a umbilical hernia that needed to be fixed! We had talked it up all week long so Turner wouldn't be scared! This afternoon once he gets to feeling better, we're going to have a party to welcome his new belly button into the family! Cupcakes, party hats and even some friends!

Turner wasn't a fan of the pre-op room so the nurse let us "wait" in the play room!
waiting....waiting.....Doesn't he look adorable in his scrubs.
They gave him a "kiddy type' of valium to calm his nerves before he got his "strawberry" gas...but in true Turner fashion, he spit it right out! So mommy got to go back to the OR and help keep him calm until he fell asleep. It was no fun for this mommy....his little eyes were wide open, tears streaming down his sweet cheeks while the nurses tried to get a seal on the mask.... a few little breaths and he drifted asleep while I was holding his hand and singing Jesus Loves Me....I was doing my best to hold back the tears!

After surgery.....not a fan of the arm guard to protect his IV

He was so thirsty. He hadn't had anything to eat or drink since the night before! When he woke up he wanted a red popscicle and some juice!

Today has been a pj kind of day! He's taken several short little naps, he's still pretty sore and hasn't eatten anything yet. He'll say he wants something but then when it's in front of him, he says "no thanks mommy."

He did perk up a little when I said we needed to make Ms. Kathy something for Thanksgiving. Those turkey feathers are his sweet hands

We've had lots and lots and lots of snuggle time

Lydia is sure missing her Turner!

She didn't know what to do with herself during bath time
Get well soon bubba@

Monday, November 14, 2011

Potty Talk!

Go ahead and gasp...yes Turner is 3 and still not potty trained!

I've fought every instinct not to push him or make him pee pee on the potty...I know one of these days it will just "click" for him.

However- this weekend he did show an interest in wearing Cars underwear and getting "presents."

Over all he did great! Popped 3 times on the potty and only had a few accidents. He insisted on wearing underwear to Mrs. Kathys today so we shall see how that goes! He gets so excited every time!

Not only did he poop like a big boy on the potty, he felt the need to pick up Mercy & Lexus' poop in the back yard, in his dump truck of course.
Yes, I win Mother of the Year award- I immediately took pictures before having him wash his hands!

The fun never stops with this sweet little man!

Friday, November 11, 2011

My 2 little Turkeys!

Thanks to the help of Grandma Judy and her sewing machine- the kids have some fun shirts to wear this month! They were super easy and fun to make!

Turner informed me it wasn't a turkey on his shirt but a beautiful spider instead!

I plan to enroll in a sewing class after the holidays so I can do more craft projects on my own!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cowboy Football

Last weekend we loaded up the car and headed Northeast to Stillwater to celebrate OSU's homecoming. We had a blast! There was tons of great food thanks to Aunt CC, E, Paula, & Lolly. It was so nice to see old friends

Go Cowboys!

Lolly & Lydia looking gorgeous in orange

Turner loves the parade before the game!

Sissy's 1st OSU homecoming experience! She was such a little champ and did so good!

Highlight of the day- Mommy giving Weeden a HIGH 5!

Waiting so patiently for the football players!

Turner got to touch OSU "greatness" too!

He couldn't get enough high 5!

Yes, that's Blackmon! Mommy was sad she didn't get to give him high 5- he even winked at Turner!

OSU's homecoming is so family friendly- they set up all sorts of games, bouncy houses, and activities on the West side of the stadium! Turner got a kick out of roping a "bull"

Aunt CC and Lolly were life savers and helped tons with the kids so I could visit with friends!

Then at half time of the game we hustled back to Norman so we could go to a hay ride hosted by DPAS! We don't ever want to miss this event- it's one of our favorites!

Daddy & Turner enjoying the hayride!

Mommy & Sissy just hanging out!

The kids were such troopers- it was a very long day and they both did terrific!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween pictures GALORE!

Halloween was a multi-event celebration at the Satterfield house!

We kicked off Halloween week by going to Story Book forest in Arcadia then ended the week on Halloween night at a party at Kathy's house! Lydia's 2 other "momma's" Abby & Emma

Even though daddy wasn't feeling great on Halloween night, he refused to miss Halloween!

We LOVE you daddy! Thanks for taking us trick or treating-you ROCK
Our little Peacock fairy princess....Turner told me on Friday that sissy didn't need to be a cheerleader (like mommy had planned) but she needed to be a princess because she is BEAUTIFUL~MELT MY HEART....
so I rushed to the mall to see what I could find...the one nice thing about changing costumes at the last minute- I got a $40 costume for $11.99!

And I agree with Turner...she is BEAUTIFUL!

Turner and one of his "boys" -Cole! He loves his friends and wanted to hold their hands last night while going house to house!

Mommy and sissy

Every princess needs a magical wand!

I remember last year thinking how
excited I was to have a little girl to dress up on Halloween!

The sweetest dragon you'll ever meet!

Daddy's boy!

Turner's got his running shoe on & ready to GO!

Smarties turned out to be his favorite type of candy....mommy went straight for the chocolate- but not this little dragon

Practicing saying "Trick or Treat"

He got a kick out of seeing himself all dressed up in his dragon attire

Halloween outfit #1- Turner was the most handsome Cowboy at Story Book forest

Add Image And sissy was a cowgirl-cowgirl hat, feather, and all!

Sweet brother and sister!

Believe it or not, Lydia never took her cowboy hat off!

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall....

Turner loved the shoe!

Entering Story Book forest

Giddy up horsey!

Yes I know there were tons of pictures in this post but it was so hard to narrow them down! The kiddos looked so adorable and had a BLAST!