Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas with Grandma & Grandpa Satterfield

This will be the 1st of several Christmas posts :) I managed to take over 400 pictures during the Christmas break!

We actually started the Christmas celebration the weekend before by traveling to Tulsa for a surprise 90th birthday party for Aunt Ruby. Aunt Georgia & Uncle Charles had the party at their beautiful house. I can only hope I'm as sassy as Aunt Ruby when I am 90. She is a precious women with such a sweet spirit! Happy Birthday Aunt Ruby...we were so glad we could help you celebrate your special day!!

Aunt Georgia, Aunt Ruby, and Grandma Judy

My little boy looks so grown up in this picture!

After the trip to Tulsa we celebrated a big Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa's. Turner got tons of fun toys! His favorite being this yellow bulldozer!

Turner and Grandpa reading his favorite book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear"

Sweet cousin Reese with her new giant puppy!

Turner, Kim, and baby Cooper

Can you see the excitement in his sweet little eyes as he opens his 1st present!

Grandma, Turner and Aunt Kelley before our Christmas feast! Grandma made a YUMMY meal
The lights at Chesapeake

Turner is wanting to sit at the big table now...I think he's pretty excited
Turner truly enjoyed Christmas this year! I didn't know how much fun he would have..but he had a BLAST!!
Neat idea that a friend sent me: We all get tons of Christmas cards during the holidays...instead of throwing them away, take one out each day/week and say a special prayer for that family! I can't wait to start the new tradition this year!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Dinner time FUN!

This should make you smile for a Friday afternoon! Turner truly enjoyed his lasagna dinner Wednesday night. The proof is in the pictures
mmm...mmmm GOOD!
Oh man...what have I done~

It's even under my finger nails

Gotta lick every little bit off my fingers or else my sissys will

Monday, December 7, 2009

It's begining to look a lot like CHRISTmas

Wow-we had such a wonderful weekend! Lots and lots of family time, Christmas music, and Holiday Cheer! We started Friday night out by celebrating John's 39th birthday! Turner loved his Papa wearing the birthday hat!
Happy Birthday to the best father and husband in the world! I have to pinch myself often to make sure I'm really living this fairy tale life with my precious husband and best friend!
Thank you GOD for leading me to the love of my life.

Turner is getting to be quite the little Mr. Independent. He no longer wants to sit in his high chair, he'd rather sit at the table. We have our church group over on Sunday nights, so we always get the smaller table out for extra seating. Well, this Sunday was no exception and Turner insisted he sit at the table. So I got out some play dough to keep him busy...I think he must have taken a bite out of the play dough by the expression on his sweet little face. And yes that is a OU sweatshirt. Every year after the game, the loser has to make our small group homade icecream...we'll since we are the only OSU fans in our group it has been us the last several years. Well we didnt' get around to making homemade icecream on Sunday, so let Turner wear his OU sweatshirt instead!
Every year I take pictures of the dogs...and now Turner...which these antlers on. Turner got such a kick out of wearing fact, while he was eating dinner he started throwing a fit because he wanted to put them back on!
Are we having fun or what???
On Saturday afternoon, we went to get Turner's picture taken with Santa. He did so good...he didn't cry until the after the pictures were over and the photographer poked him with the feather duster!
Turner still amazes John & I every day. He is getting such a sweet little personality and is LOVING learning new tricks. It cracks us's just like teaching the dogs a new trick. This weekend he learned to say "Ruff ruff" when asked what dogs do. Then he can flap his arms like a chicken and say "Bauk, bauk" It's pretty stinking cute!
On our way to see Santa!
I caught Turner in the act of climbing on the dinning room chairs...apparently licking off the left over crumbs his sisters didn't get!

John & I pray we teach Turner the real reason of this Christmas season and not get caught up in all the hustle & bustle

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2009 Thanksgiving Break & some exciting news~

Turner's 2nd Thanksgiving was so much fun!! We have so much to be thankful for~
Instead of having it at our house this year, we headed to the cabin with the Satterfield clan.
But, before we left for Arkansas we got a fun call from Aunt CC telling us she is engaged!! We couldn't be more happy for her and Eric and are so excited to be a part of their special day.
We had a wonderful & relaxing time with Grandpa & Grandpa and Heath, Kelley & Reese. Here are several pictures from the long weekend. I am so disappointed with myself that I didn't manage to take a single picture with Turner and his grandma and grandpa! SORRY
Mommy & Turner taking a break from the AWFUL OSU/OU game to pose for a picture...can you tell our smiles were fake?
Turner had more fun playing in the OSU water bucket
After the 1st hour, Turner and Reese were the best of buddies. They just had to work out the whole "sharing" things! It was one point they were both on the ground fighting over a toy and crying their eyes out while we all sat back and laughed :)
Turner and his papa! Aren't my boys good looking~
Turner flirting with his Aunt Kelly
Playing peek a boo with his mommy
Resting after a big Thanksgiving dinner. Turner loved the marshmallows on the sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie! I think he has a sweet tooth
Helping John marinate the Turkey
Turner loved his Aunt Kelley reading to him!