Sunday, January 27, 2013

When the wind blows....

Boy did the wind blow this weekend.....and low and behold our pastor did a sermon about wind today....and oh how it hit home.  To keep it simple basically the "wind" is always going to blow in our lives. The wind can be struggles, battles, disappointments and heart aches.  And we need to be ready for the wind by building our foundation on rock....yes remember that Bible story! 
Lately I feel like I'm in the middle of a wind storm ....a sweet friend of mine is fighting for her life while her 4 precious children are at home missing their mommy, another dear friend is going thru a horrible divorce that is shaking her world, another whom wants a child so badly, and then there is a sweet little 9 year old who is crying out for help and I feel helpless.....

The wind will blow....but will I allow it destroy or refresh me? 
 So for today....we decided the wind wasn't going to make our day miserable. The wind actually made our day GREAT!! (Jordan's 1st time to fly a kite)
 I too want my children to be ready for the wind.....and build their foundation on Jesus Christ.  Love their neighbors, forgive those who hurt them, be generous not only with their money but with their time, and love the Lord with all their sweet hearts!
~ The wind will blow, I can never figure it out, but I can certainly be ready when it comes.  I truly believe God allows wind to test our faith and trust in him~
~Be still oh heart ~

 God can do anything, you know- far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams.  He does it not but pushing us around, but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us.  Glory to God!  Eph 3:20&21
 Looking back over the last few years, I am so grateful and thankful for those windy seasons in my life.  No they weren't always easy or fun but I walked away from each of those storms a little more grateful, a whole lot faithful, and certainly stronger!
 So today we praised God for the wind!
and had a blast laughing, smiling, and
being silly with the ones we love!

Friday, January 11, 2013


I'm saving the Best for LAST!!
The BEST part of our Christmas celebrations was spending time with Lydia's birth family in Tulsa.  To say my heart was over flowing with JOY would not do the feeling justice. We are so incredibly blessed by this family and give all the glory to God for weaving our lives together FOREVER.

You'd think since I'm a picture -a-holic I would have tons of pictures of the kids playing...but in this case, I just got caught up in all the fun of sitting back and watching them play together! 

Lydia adores his big sister Alonna and had so much fun playing kitchen with her
Can't you just see the excitement all over her face!!  She couldn't wait to see everyone! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas 2012

We had a wonderful Christmas spent with  family!  We started the Christmas break by having the Sattefield Christmas at our house Saturday before the big day! 
John fixed an amazing brunch and we ate til we could eat no more!  Then we went to Tarahumara's for dinner...that is where the action happened....Lydia threw up :(  So we made a quick trip to the Urgent Care - she had an upper respiratory infection and was put on a round of antibiotics! 

The next day we made the trip out West to Perryton
Apparently Santa followed us out West....Turner thought Santa looked A LOT like Uncle E
Sis loved the boxes her dolls came in. 
Turner LOVES games...and this is his new favorite!
Except when it goes POP! 
Sis was excited to get her own tricycle!  She's riding it like an old pro
And then we headed to Arkansas to enjoy some low key family time at the cabin.
What is a New Year without sparklers!
We made a mean batch of rice crispy treats
They tasted much better than they looked!
And just like her mommy- she prefers to eat the icing!
How blessed we were to bring in the New Year with such an amazing view
~A perfect reminder how GREAT our God is~
**One of my favorite moments of the Christmas celebration: John's dad would be so proud of him- He made Lydia' her very own tea table.  It turned out absolutely PERFECT!  And she loves it- brings me tea just about every morning :) Sis is so lucky that her daddy can make just about anything he puts his mind to! 
Turner's favorite gift-his new Razor 360!  Talk about FUN
John even got a little something something from Santa aka Lolly & Pops
Sis was thrilled to get her very own Itty Bitty twins that look just like her and Turner.  She named them Bo & Layla.  She is a good mommy- loves to feed them and take them on walks around the house
Getting bundled up to take his Razor for it's 1st spin

We had a wonderful Christmas lunch at Memas.  Lydia got some good snuggle time with Mema
and some hugging from Lolly
and some "kisses"
Grandma Judy knew exactly what Turner wanted- Hot Wheels- Hot Wheels- and more Hot Wheels!
This gift was just as much fun for John as it was Turner!  We've had some serious arm wrestling matches
We always get the kids books for Christmas and this year the book was Pete the Cat- Rocking in my school shoes. 
Turner LOVES his new Pete the Cat stuffed animal-he joins Maxx and Turner in bed every night!