Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day memories

What a fun filled weekend it was! I caught myself several times in a "day dream." I think about where we were at this point last year, and am BLOWN AWAY at all the blessings God has given us this past 12 months.

Here are some highlights from the 3 day weekend!

Serious snuggle time on the screen in patio, trying to avoid the 35 mph wind

Lots and lots of happy smiles and play time!

Spending time with sweet family! Especially Reese :) Who adores feeding her little cousin Lydia

Cook out at Grandma's house...with pickles!

Some Harley riding time

Smores and "Jordey"

Fun on the Spider Man slip & slide..provided hours of entertainment!

"Magic" hats to make them run faster on the slip & slide...seriously, could they not be Gap models! Love my boys!

More smiles from Sissy who watched all the big boys have fun in the sun

Fishin on the docks

~Both Jordan and John caught catfish...of course Jordan says his was the biggest :) ~

Sissy again...all smiles! I'm not joking when I say Lydia smiles all the time! She is one happy sista

Some fun tummy time with Bubba

What's a long weekend with out John's famous pancakes and bacon breakfast!

Jordan & Turner love to assist John (or as he puts it, make a BIGGER mess) We told Jordan if he passed 1st grade he could pick out a toy as his graduation gift to keep at our of course, he wanted a bike and a helmet! So off to Walmart we went. We are so proud of him and extremely blessed he was able to spend the weekend with us. Turner could care less about Jordan's big boy bike, he was more entertained by the helmet!

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our fabulous weekend!

Too blessed to be stressed is my new motto!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summertime FUN!

Today was a PERFECT day! 80 degrees with little to no wind!

Going to the mailbox is a new tradition at our house. Every day after I pick up the kids from Ms.Kathy's we walk down to the mailbox and Turner gets the mail. Today I was so excited about playing outside I forgot....oh my sweet little Turner gently reminded me "This way mommy, mail"
We took sissy on her 1st wagon ride today too.
And I think by the looks of this grin she LOVED it!

Pinch me....I just can't get enough of this bright eyed angel!

Turner wanted a lolly pop for his snack :) So after he ate 10 blackberries I indulged him!

Come and get it!

Sissy has officially outgrown the bumbo and is sitting in the highchair for her meals! This was Turner's old high chair, I just "spruced" it up a little! What a difference a coat of paint can make!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Gotcha Day Turner!!

Last week we celebrated Turner's Gotcha Day! On Turner's special day, I let him pick what he eats, drinks, and what we do. We also take him to the store and let him pick out a toy. He was so excited to find a Monster Truck Lightning McQueen and Towmater! He wanted "gogurt" for breakfast, juice was his drink of choice, chicken nuggets & strawberriesfor lunch, popsicle for a snack and pbj sandwich for dinner and popcorn for a "midnight" snack! Yes he had a "fun diaper" the next day!
We decide to have a lazy day at home since it was rainy! We got nearly 5 inches in 24 hours

Turner loves his Lexus

Turner also want to paint! He made several master pieces that are proudly displayed on his wall of art

Turner, you are our little funny man! We love you to the moon and back! Can't wait to celebrate many more Gotcha days!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

6 months of PURE BLISS

Tomorrow Lydia is 6 months can that be possible? We are more and more in love with this little doll baby each day! She blesses our lives more than we ever dreamed.

Look at those sweet kissable lips! Just can't get enough
Mommy's pride and joy!

Little Miss' smile lights up a room (or a beach)!

at 6 months Lydia....
weighs- 15 lbs and 3 oz (35%)
lenght- 26 1/2 inches (75%)
head circ- 42 cm

Sissy LOVES baby food and rice cereal. She especially likes peaches, apples, squash, and sweet potatoes.

She has 2 bottom toothies

She giggles and "talks" all the time, especially when Turner is around.

She is truly the happiest baby I have ever seen. She NEVER cries unless she is hungry.

She loves sleeping on her tummy, playing in her jumparoo, is trying really hard to sit up on her own and crawl....give her a few more weeks and my guess is she'll be all over the place!

She loves playing patty cake, being sung to, and is now chewing on everything in site!

Lydia doll- you're perfect in every single way-we are forever grateful you were CHOSEN for us and we were CHOSEN for you.

Giving God ALL the glory today and always for creating our beautiful family!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vacation of a Lifetime Part 1!

For Christmas this past year, Lolly & Pops treated us to a trip to Watercolor, Florida. Watercolor is in the Fl Panhandle between Destin and Panama City. To say we had a blast, would be an understatement! If you're looking for a very fun and family friendly vacation spot with great beaches, pools, children activities, and fabulous food Watercolor is your destination. We are already planning next summer's trip. Here is just a sneak peak of our vacation! Part 2 & Part 3 and maybe even Part 4 will follow later this week!

Our 1st attempt at a family picture on the beach! The water was COLD!
Sissy loved the beach....the temps were in the low 80's with a light breeze~perfect for napping with daddy!

Turner was quiet the beach bum! He loved playing in the sand~ I'm still finding sand in his hair :)

Practicing his surfing on the sand!

Some small little silver fish washed up on the beach..Turner thought they were "pritty fish"

As soon as the fish washed up on the beach, here came the birds looking for a snack!

Lolly relaxing on the beautiful white beaches

Aunt CC and Pops playing in the gulf!

Mommy- here's some sand!

~This is the life~

Sand is not as good as shrimp tacos from the Taco Shack!

Mommy & Sissy hanging out

The girls minus Lolly

Aunt CC time

1st sandcastle of the trip!

Daddy & Turner take a break for a picture

This was our AWESOME beach house! It was right across the street from a pool, a park, and soccer fields! Turner was in heaven. Daddy was also in heaven as the kitchen had all industrial style appliances!

Thank you Lolly & Pops for your generosity! We made so many great memories

~Love birds~

Is she not a beach beauty?

This was our 1st night in Watercolor!

Can't you see the joy in Turner's eyes!