Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Look who is THREE!!!

Can't believe our little doll baby is 3 years old.  Lydia will forever be the gift that healed our broken hearts.  God knew exactly what he was doing, and had this little angel in mind the entire time. 

 With Lydia there is always plenty of sweetness at our house. 
 Lydia loves her hot pink lip gloss ALMOST just as much as she loves her daddy!  She is usually found carrying one of her many purses filled with a variety of lip glosses.  She loves to share her lip gloss with anyone who is brave enough to let her apply it.  Which usually ends up being her daddy!
She is the queen of making funny faces...she loves to cross her eyes and act silly 
 but she also loves to give us a beautiful SMILE!! 
She prefers to have her toes and fingernails painted at all times
 She loves playing with her dolls, her baby stroller, and has hosted many many tea parties for her family!
 She loves lolli pops, bacon, broccoli, chocolate, steak and marshmallows
 She loves dressing up just as much as her big brother!  Some of her favorite costumes include Minnie Mouse, Strawberry Shortcake, Tinker Bell, and Doc McStuffins
 Her best friend is Kherington
 She is a princess no doubt!!
 She loves to make cookies and eat the dough.  She also loves decorating with pink sparkles and frosting
She loves playing outside more than just about anything...especially if Turner is with her

 She takes ballet every week and loves it!!  She can't wait to come home and show us all the "twirls" Ms. Stephanie taught her
 She is most thankful for her family and popscicles.  Turner "tooting" makes her laugh
 She loves her dog Missy and cheering for the OSU cowboys.
 She absolutely idolizes Turner even when he is rough with her....she comes back for more.  However she's learning to fight back.  If she wakes up before him, she begs to go wake him up.  They love feeding the ducks together and going to the zoo.  She even lets Turner watch his favorite show, Scooby Doo, when it's her turn to pick her show. 
 She loves anything pink and purple and enjoys sleeping in her big girl bed.  Her favorite books include Pinkalicious, God made me Special, and You are my Sunshine.
 Her favorite song is a toss up between Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, What does a Fox Say, and Jesus Loves me!
I think she's gonna be her daddy's side kick in the kitchen
Sweet Lydia,  you are right, We are FAMILY!!
Happy Birthday to our sweet baby doll.  You are as sweet on the inside as you are beautiful on the outside.   You bring so much joy, laughter and love to our lives.  You were such a special gift 3 years ago.  We were heart broken and instantly you made it all better!  Not a day goes by that I don't thank Jesus for you.  You have taught me to forgive more often, eat chocolate for breakfast, and that there is always time for "just one more kiss"  I look forward to our "coffee and bible" time in the morning and pray you always love Jesus with all your heart!  Love you to the moon and back "sissy"

Friday, November 15, 2013

Halloween fun, dog kisses, slumber parties and snuggles

October was a fun month around our house!!   
 Nora was a sweet - pretty in pink, ballerina for her 1st Halloween
 Ms Kathy has a long going tradition for the kids.  She has us all over and with the help of her daughters, makes a huge pot of taco soup.  Everyone brings snacks and we sit and enjoy one anothers company!  The kids play football in the front yard and then we all go trick or treating together as a group.  One of our biggest blessings since having children has been not only Ms. Kathy, but the friendships we have made with her family and the other parents and kids who go to her house!  We are going to miss her terribly when the kids get in school
 To Turner's excitment, mommy & daddy dressed up this year.  It was totally last minute and I'm already thinking about what we can be next year!
 Kitty cat and her little lollipop
 mommy and her ballerina princess
 Lydia loves Ms. Kathys' granddaughter Abby.  She waits for the school bus every afternoon so she can run and greet Abby!
 Turner finally stood still for a quick picture with his mommy!  He was a ninja turtle for the actual "Halloween"
 My cute and adorable husband as Willie from Duck Dynasty.  Sis didn't mind the beard at all! It kept her warm
 Sweet Ms. Kathy loving on Nora

 Not sure who was more excited to wear the beard, Turner or daddy!
 We love our fur children!  And can't imagine life without them
 Turner invited his BFF over for a sleep over.  They boys had a blast.  JOhn made home made pizzas,they played and wrestled outside then we watched movies and enjoyed pop corn!  But when bed time came around, Gabe decided he missed his mommy and wanted to go home.  It was so cute, Gabe told Turner maybe he could just come spend the night at his house.  Turner looked and me and said in a soft and sweet voice, "I think I would miss my mommy too!"  Sweetness! 
 Turner is absolutely loving being a big brother.  He adores Nora and begs to hold her and feed her every single morning.

 We don't have much respect for personal space around our house!
 the closer the better!
 Lydia loves talking and singing Twinkle Twinkle to baby Nora.
 And just like with the other 2, Mercy watches over our baby girl! 
 Nora smiles all the time and is truly happy every moment of the day!  She lights up when she hears her brother and sister.  She loves her daddy to snuggle with her
 And this little angel gets sweeter and sweeter every second!  Can't believe she's almost 3!

Lydia thought she was pretty special because she got to wear purple eye shadow and blush for Halloween! 

 Just taking it all in
 Turner got to dress up for school!
 Turner insisted that baby Nora get in the picture too!  No leaving her out of the fun!
 They had a parade at his school where all the kids got to show off their costumes to all the mommies and daddies!  He's growing up way too fast!!!
Halloween 2013 was a blast!! Lots of candy, laughs, and silliness!

Norman fall festival & soccer FUN!!

We love Norman and all the family fun activities they promote!  The weekend before Halloween they turned our charming little downtown into a wonderful Fall Festival full of bouncy houses, trick or treating, food, games and family fun!  They kids were very excited to get to wear their Halloween costumes before the actually holiday
Lydia and her best friend, Kherington were cute little LOLLIPOPS!

 Turner got this mean and green costume for his birthday a few days earlier so opted to be the Incredible Hulk for the 1st go around of Halloween
 It was a little chilly outside, so Nora was a cute little owl thanks to this adorable knitted hat from Aunt CC
 Best Friends Forever!
 For the past 10 weekends, we've spent a large portion of our Saturdays at the soccer field!  Us girls love cheering on our soccer super star!
 Go Turner Go!  He's a fast little boy and can pretty much outrun everyone on the field
Turner not only can run super fast, but he's got great foot work.  He's a master at turning the ball around!  He is still a little timid at "stealing" the ball from the other team, but with each game he gets more and more aggressive. 
 All tuckered out after scoring 4 goals!
So proud of Turner!!