Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PaRtY Bonanza!

We decided to have 1 BIG birthday bash for Turner and Lydia this year!

Everything was perfect- from the weather, to the food, to the fellowship

Thanks do our dear friends Rachel & Zac- all the boys got an autographed football from former OU/NFL football players Dewey Selmon and Joe Washington!
These are the adorable invitations a dear friend of mine designed

We opted for a tail-gating themed party!

Getting ready for the BIG day!

Turner loved the bouncy house- he wanted to "try" it out before all his friends got here

The kids had a blast - might look into buying one of these :)

Some home-made pendants for decorations

We were so glad Mema was able to spend the weekend with us and help celebrate!

What's a tail-gate without hot dogs and Frito chili pie!

and delish cupcakes of course!

This boy, unlike years past, LOVES people to sing Happy Birthday to him. Look- he's beaming with pure JOY!

One, two, three BLOW....

~Lydia on the other hand, wasn't sure what to think of all the attention~

She was sure about 1 thing- SHE LOVES CUPCAKES!

Yummy to my tummy!


Turner was very excited to open all his presents! Of course, Ms. Kathy got him his FAVORITE toy- 2 robots! After opening those, it was hard to keep him on "task"

We decided to hold off on opening Lydia's presents until after everyone left. By the time the party was over, this sweet little angel was ready for a NAP!

Can't believe my princess is almost one! I love her more and more each day

A future OSU cheerleader? I think so!

We love our Aunt CC

Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Lydia got her 1st real pair of diamonds thanks to Lolli & Pops!

she also got her birthstone earrings from Mema!

We had an amazing time celebrating our kiddos birthdays with so many great friends and family! We are so very blessed

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Faces of a child

So one evening this week while at the dinner table, Turner decided to be silly and make several different faces - he even asked me to take pictures of each face-he's a HAM I'm telling you!

Hope you'll find them as adorable as I do!

Turner said this is his "Daddy" face......

his sad face....

his SICK face.....

his SERIOUS face....

My personal favorite, his HAPPY face!

Sissy even jumped in on the fun

~Sissy can make a happy face too~

Turner's MAD face ...

!Lydia's SURPRISED face !

Lydia's version of a MAD face!

Turner has said some funny & sweet things I want to remember forever!

Yesterday morning he ran into the dining room where Lydia and I were eating breakfast with the following items in his 2 hands.....his sippy cup, his daddy's flash light (turned on of course), his BFF Maxx, and a water bottle. He calmly said, "Mommy, I ready- Let's do it!!"

Then this morning we were having breakfast and the sun was coming up over the trees in the backyard and Turner said is a sweet soft little voice-
"Mommy, the sun is beautiful. Jesus makes beautiful things."

I couldn't agree with you more Turner!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

J is for JEEP & Jordan!

We wrapped up Turner's birthday celebration with a bang! He got his Big Boy Jeep and Jordan got to come spend the weekend with us~! His 2 favorite things- fast cars and his BFF

Woo Hoo I'm 3!!
Daddy always has a fun cooking activity on the weekends- this time it was chocolate chip cookies

Yes, I snuck a bite of raw cookie dough- so what????

Dressed in Orange playing football outside in the rain!

Turner got a surprise package in the mail from his dear friend Sadie (aka his future wife) As you call tell- he loved his new books!

Since Turner got a big boy car- sissy gets to enjoy his old one!

Better clear the streets- we got a wild man driving!

Taking his sissy for a ride down the drive way! I think the smile says it all! He was in hog heaven

~Justa cruisin~

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Well it's hard to believe our 1st little angel is the BIG 3 today!!

It seems like yesterday we were holding Turner for the 1st time. His thick dark hair and big brown eyes melted our hearts- it was love at 1st sight!
We kicked off the morning with none other than cake for breakfast!

John & Turner started celebrating his birthday week over the weekend by a camping trip in the back yard! I made bets that they wouldn't last longer than 2 hours!

They proved me wrong....I had to go wake them up at 7:00 am! They were both snuggled up in John's sleeping bag with their flannel pjs on. Absolutely adorable

Then we spent a day at the zoo! Turner got all his favorite things


Corn dogs (2 in fact)

and a "nilla" ice cream cone

Daddy even got a jumbo waffle cone too!

and Doritos....

and blue skies and daddy giving him a ride on his shoulders = HEAVEN!

and a ride on the carousel with mommy.....

the excitement for sissy was just too much!

and a 2nd ride on the carousel with daddy....

Am I super duper lucky or what???

And he huffs and he puffs and he blows all 3 candles out! He got some fun puppets to play with!

and a great book from his cousins!

Lydia loved celebrating with her brother!

We're waiting til tonight to give him his "BIG" birthday present!

Weight: 35 lbs & 8 oz 85%

Lenght: 40 1/4 inches 96%

Head circ: 51 1/2 cm 90%