Monday, August 31, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane!

Bright and early Thursday morning, John & l left for Milwaukee to attend one of my dearest friend's wedding. We had such a nice weekend getaway. If you have never been to Milwaukee, I highly recommend it. The high temp was in the lower 70' gotta love that brisk fall weather!
Maureen's wedding was amazing to say the least and she was a gorgeous bride! I love weddings....I get butterflies if it were my own wedding day again...and it is such a awesome reminder of my love for my adorable husband!
Our weekend was filed with sight seeing, eating delish foods, and seeing great friends. Here are a few pictures that highlight our weekend trip! Enjoy
Shot from the window seat on the plane!
Maureen and Ed are a match made in heaven. He compliments her in every way a husband should! I am so thankful for her friendship over the years and couldn't be more happy for her. She deserves the best....and she found it!
Maureen and Ed got married in the oldest Catholic church in certainly don't do Old St. Mary's justice. It was breath taking...I love all of the rich history found in Catholic churches
One of the big highlights of the weekend was John finally getting to meet many of my wonderful co-workers from across the country. We had so much fun with old friends in Milwaukee!

Look at the brave studly man! Isn't he a hunk!

Getting ready to head over to the church for Maureen & Ed's special day

I am so blessed not only to work for an amazing cause I believe in but work along side some of the most extraordinary women you can find! And I was so glad they finally got to meet my honey!

Enjoying the rocks on Lake Michigan
Our 1st tourist stop...the Milwaukee Museum of Art. It was absolutely amazing!!
Patiently waiting for the museum to open
John and his new friend...the wax janitor
Beautiful blown glass sculpture at the museum
To say the least, we had a wonderful time but were so ready to see our little guy!

Monday, August 24, 2009

This doesn't look like a little boy who is sick, does it?

So for the past week or so Turner has had a runny nose and this weekend he got a pretty ugly cough. So off to the doctor Turner and I went this afternoon only to find out he has the early stages of an ear infection. First one ever!
Thank goodness we caught it soon and got some medicine. But other than a runny nose and a cough you'd never know our little guy was sick....

You be the judge!

Turner and his new friend Bogo climbed into the doggy toy basket this morning while mommy was trying to get some work done....

Then got adventurous and climbed under the table while mommy was drinking her coffee..

Turner's sweet sissy's being so quiet while he was down for a nap.

Peek a boo Mommy...I see you!

Then Turner found the pots, pans and utensils this morning!

He bangs the lids on the floor like symbols and then gets startled because it's so loud!
I hope he likes to cook like his papa! He even took a spoon and was stirring "something" in the pot :) Just wasn't quick enough to catch it on camera

On Saturday we enjoyed some outside family time with this beautiful weather!
Turner sporting his new (and too big) do rag...Pops has a matching one :)

Pool time fun!

Wanting his papa to come and play!

Pure sweetness.
I think he was trying to flex his muscles!

I'm not sick!!
This week is a crazy week at the Satterfield house hold. On Thursday, John & I leave for Milwaukee for a dear friends wedding. Lolly & Pops are coming up to watch Turner while we're gone. We're going to miss him like crazy but I keep telling myself, mommy and daddy could use a little alone time! And Lolly & Pops could use a little Turner time!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our God is MIGHTY!

On Monday night John & I looked out our back windows to see this breath taking rainbow... What an awesome reminder of how BIG and MIGHTY our God is.
He has certainly shown his power to our family this week. Johnny's surgery was a success as his doctor was able to remove the cancerous lump from his lung and the lymph nodes showed no sign of cancer! Praise God!
And believe it or not, they let him go home early yesterday afternoon. It's night and day compared to his lung cancer 5 years ago. He looks amazing...still has that beautiful olive completion and is sassy as ever!
Johnny we love you more than words can describe and were so glad Turner could welcome you home yesterday!
Now rest up....because before too long, Turner's going to need a tree house with Grandpa's help :)
Thank you everyone who kept Johnny & our family in your prayers.
On Tuesday after Johnny's surgery, I went to Miss Kathy's to pick Turner up and the kids shared with me that they prayed for Turner's Grandpa at cool is that? I have no doubt that makes Jesus smile!
Thank you Miss Kathy for sharing your love of God with Turner and his friends. We are blessed to have found you to watch over our Turner while we're at work!
Turner's new favorite toy of the week..... Lexus' dog leash! Should I be worried, he is obsessed with their water bowl, wants to chase them all around, gives wet slobbery kisses, and tends to like their toys better than his own. Maybe he'll be a doggy for Halloween!
Speaking of Halloween, does anyone know of a neat website with halloween costumes?
It's be here before we know it!
Meet our little HAM! Turner is the happiest baby on the planet!

Here is a little tidbit of Turner dear friend Kelley let us borrow some pip squeak shoes for Turner to "test" It has taken him a while to get use to them but he thinks they are pretty cool. He wasn't much into showing off in this video but he is consistantly taking 7-10 steps now! Enjoy

Monday, August 10, 2009

I can walk all by my BIG self!

Tomorrow, bright and early, Johnny, John's dad, goes in to have the cancer removed on his right lung. We pray that the surgeon will be guided by the Holy Spirit, that he will be able to get all the cancer, and the recovery will be much shorter and less painful than last time.
Turner adores his Grandpa!
Grandma Rose and her grandchildren and great grandchildren (only missing Aunt CC who was busy getting her classroom ready for school)

Turner's officially walking all by himself. This Saturday, August 8, 2009, my little love bug took his 1st steps! I was napping when it happened and I didn't believe Lolly when she told she had Turner show off again and in fact, he took 4 little steps all by his big self!

Since Saturday, Turner has taken several more steps. This evening he took 10 baby steps...ever so careful! He gets so excited because we are cheering and wants to join in on the fun so he starts clapping which causes him to loose his balance. It's the cutest thing ever!

This weekend we made a fast dash to Perryton to see Lolly & Pops and Grandma Rose. Please say extra special prayers for Grandma Rose as her current chemo is not responding well and she begins an experimental chemo next Monday.
We pray that Jesus would satisfy all her needs during the treatment process that can seem like a sun- scorched land. We pray that Jesus would strengthen her weakened frame and that she would be refreshed by his presence like a well-watered garden whose spring never fail
(Isaiah 58:11)

Celebrating after walking!

Turner loves to push his toys around the house. He has even started steering his walker

Pushing around his airplane :)

Pops, Turner, & Lolly! We had such a fun and relaxing time in Perryton

Turner and his buddy Jobonney

We were so glad that Deonne and her girls were in Perryton this weekend too. We haven't seen them since Christmas !

Turner found the pot lids at Lolly's
Grandma Rose with all her Great Grandchildren...Adlee, Emmerson, Turner and Evynn

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

While Aunt CC was in town, I..... a MOHAWK! Papa didn't like it very much but mommy & Aunt CC thought it was adorable. Aunt CC was shocked at how still I was when she was fixing my hair...guess I'm use to mommy playing with my hair all the time!
....found Mercy & Lexus' dog cage!

....was a good boy for Aunt can she say no to a face like this

...played, played, and played some more to drink Coke Zero (not really) I just loved the cold can!

....had a very, very snotty nose. Aunt CC was so sweet to take me to my doctor on Thursday after mommy left. We waited over an hour in the waiting room to only see the doctor for fewer than 5 minutes!

...let Lexus give me lots of wet kisses

....MOHAWK picture #2

...gave Aunt CC lots and lots of sugars!

Thank you Aunt CC for coming and playing with me while my mommy was gone. It made her being away a little better!