Monday, November 22, 2010

I can't believe little Lydia Kaye will be a week old just doesn't seem possible! Several of you have asked how "K" is doing.....simply amazing. She has such peace in heart about her decision. We've spoken or text nearly every day since we left Tulsa. She goes to court next Monday, so please say extra prayers on her behalf that the judge shows her the grace and respect she so deeply deserves!
Here's the week in pictures:
Grandma and Grandpa Satterfield came for a short visit on Friday. We are so happy Johnny feels good enough to get out!
~Proud grandparents!~
Can't you see the love in their eyes! I have the greatest in-laws in the entire world!
I have the best life ever!! Just looks at those smiles :) Who could ask for anything more

My sweet friend Candy was in town today for work so she stopped by for a little visit!

Pretty in Pink :)

Not only is Turner protective of his sister, but so is Lexus...she's guarding Lydia's crib!
Turner is still in LOVE with his "Idia" with a capital L.
He pulled up his step stool so he wouldn't miss out on bath time. He does the same thing when I change her diaper...he wants to be in the middle of the action!
I think he's advanced :) Not all 2 year olds can balance a back hole digger on their head :)
That smile melts my heart every time!
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for the match car construction trucks! Turner's been playing with them ever since you left!
Turner even shared Maxx with sissy...this is HUGE...he doesn't share Maxx with anyone :) He said, "Here sissy"
Such a little snuggle bug
Dry Ice fun!
My Memphis co-workers sent us Corky's was such a nice treat~ Turner was a big fan of the chocolate pie and dry ice!

Well what a perfect week for Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for. We are looking forward to all of our family coming over on Thursday to spend the holidays at our house and to love on Turner and Lydia. I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What's new at our house!

I could write a novel tonight but choosing to only give you a glimpse at all the blessings over the last several days :)
Lydia Kaye Satterfield blessed this world on Tuesday, November 16 at 5:35 pm
What's in a name? Well, so glad you asked
Lydia was my precious great grandmothers name who I was very close with and Kaye is "K's" middle name. We had originally decided on Brianna Lydia, but we all decided we LOVED Lydia Kaye just a little more :)
One of the sweetest things I witnessed today! Turner is in LOVE~~
Like father like son!
Sorry this one is out of order, but I have to brag on my not so little boy :) He is going on the big boy potty. We have a "pee pee in the potty " song and dance we do before and after the "event" Of course Turner and I made them both up ~
Just minutes after Lydia was born. ~ I had the honor of being in the room to witness the shear awesomeness of Lydia's birth! The Dr. even let me cut the cord! John stood right outside the door and heard it all :)
~~~Weigh in time~~~
I was so over whelmed with emotions after Lydia was born that our wonderful nurse had to keep saying to me "This is a perfect picture, get out your camera" Little did she know, I took her advise and took over 200 pictures in less than 24 hours :)
One blessed and thankful mommy!
And one blessed Daddy
My little love bugs :) Haven't gotten a picture of the 4 of us just yet :)

Relaxing in daddy's chair
His shirt today said "The coolest brother" and boy has that been the truth! Turner loves feeding his "idia" aka Lydia. He's been such a good helper today and can't get enough of his little sissy
Headed to our 1st doctor's appointment this morning~Dr.Fields said she was a perfect little angel!
K gave Lydia this very special outfit for pictures and to come home in. I absolutely love's so delicate and what a precious gift she will cherish forever :)

K getting our little princess all pretty for pictures

These last few days have been amazing...oh all the wonderful memories that have been made and all the precious visits K and I had Tuesday all through the night...I wouldn't change them for the world...I have so much respect for this women..she is such an amazing mother with a compassionate heart and sweet and gentle spirit. I am so honored her family is now our family!

I have so many more sweet stories and pictures of all of Lydia's brothers and sisters and K that when the time is right I'll share those too....they are breath can see and feel all the love surrounding this little angel.
Thank you all our amazing friends who have faithfully praying for not only us but "K"...we all felt God's presence and love the entire time. We are blessed beyond words

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween take 2!

Here is Halloween outfit #2 since we lost all of the Chef "accessories" at the zoo! Thanks to Aunt CC for coming up with this clever, quick, and cheap idea!
Introducing Turner the HOBO

Nothing like a little candy corn "See Food"

Yesterday we had our last Dr appoint with "K" and a week from today our little angel will be here. We induce bright an early next Tuesday morning in Tulsa. Please say prayers for K, baby, and all of the family that we all have peace and feel God's presence.
I am having all kinds of emotions right now. Yes I am thrilled and so anxious to meet our little girl, but my heart is breaking for "K"....more so than ever before.....I keep going back to the day we returned Braxton to "M" and oh how my heart ached more than words could describe even though I knew it was part of God's master plan...and I know those feelings are what "K" will be experiencing soon...I wish I could take the hurt away from please say special prayers on her behalf that God fills her heart with peace.
My sweet friend Candy, who knows my decorating taste too good, sent me a link to a blog and I fell in love with the above idea and decided to copy it! The frame is from my mom's childhood barn window, the yellow dress was mine, the bibs John's mother gave us, the doll blanket was made by my great grandmother as well as the pillow case. The handkerchief was made by John's great grandmother, and the doily was given to me by my Aunt Lora and my great aunt made it.