Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Days!

We have been soaking up the sun the last week! Besides the winds, the weather has been amazing! This is what we woke up to this morning~
How great is our God?
Turner playing in his new pink bath water! I found these bath fizz drops at the store and he loves them! He also loves to brush those pearly whites!
My jungle man!
"Come on mom, I like playing in the dirt! I'm all BOY!"
He's up to no good!...notice the light brown/reddish spot in his hair...he thought it was funny to drop dirt on his head!
Takin a cruise on my bike! I'm too cool for school
This picture just makes me laugh! Not sure why???
For Turner's Gotcha Day, John & I gave him a sprinkler. He loves loves loves it! He could care less that the water is freezing cold!
Trying to catch some water!'s cold!!!
Friday- we get to see "M" again...this time they will do another ultrasound so we can see our sweet little Braxton Jude! We also hope to meet up with "C" at the zoo sometime soon!
Turner is still doing very very good in his big boy bed...takes him about 30 minutes to settle down but he's sleeping through the nights like a champ! We hope to get started on Braxton's room next week so it will be ready if he decides to come early!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Gotcha Day sweet Turner!!

Yesterday was Turner's Gotcha Day! I can't believe it's already been a year ago that we stood up in front of a judge and made it official that Turner was a Satterfield! What a special day we never want to forget! So to celebrate this special occasion, we took off to Arbuckle Wilderness for a day at the safari! Turner could have been in our back yard and had just as much fun...we were a little disappointed as the animals were a little aggressive as they wanted to be fed, and the living conditions were a bit depressing...and it was super duper expensive! So it doesn't get our 2 thumbs up, but it was still fun to get away and do something different!

Gotcha Day 2010

We vowed to make Turner's Gotcha Day a celebration each year, not only that he is officially a Satterfield, but a celebration of his birthmother as well! She is the reason we get to celebrate! John fixed yummy lamb with caramelized brussel sprouts and peppers, and Turner picked fish sticks, grapes, blackberries and milk! Then after dinner we had cake..notice, it's yellow cake with chocolate frosting...John's favorite!

Turner got a few small gifts to celebrate his special day...a sprinkler, a dog, and crayons for the bath tub with a tug boat! He loved them all!

Papa and Turner enjoying his Gotcha Day! I am one blessed lady to have these two boys in my life!

Here are some of the animals we saw at Arbuckle-

The baby donkey was the highlight of the safari trip!

The zebra's were the least aggressive animals!

and camels...

these bad boys were scary!!! I couldn't get my windows rolled up fast enough!

Arriving at Arbuckle Wilderness....Turner's favorite part was getting out of his car seat and riding up front with mommy & daddy!

I was out of town most of last week so on Sunday we headed to the zoo for some fun family time!! I caved in and got Turner an elephant!

Man this Oklahoma weather has been in full force already this spring. Here are some pictures I took less than 3 miles from our house! Scary....the night this happened John was on his way back from Dallas. Me, Turner and Lexus were in the storm shelter. Mercy had to stay in the closet as I could only hold 2 babies in my arms!

On the adoption front, everything is going very well. We saw "M" last Thursday at another doctors appointment! The dr. is watching her blood pressure as it's borderline high. She looks great but is starting to have quite a bit of back pain and sleepless nights. We have another appointment next Friday and we'll get to see our little guy again since they will do an ultra-sound. He is still scheduled to be born early July! We are getting so excited! This week Turner started sleeping in his big boy bed...and so far so good...we do his nightly routine: reading 3 books, prayers and then a few songs...once he gets relaxed and almost asleep I sneak out! He's actually sleeping better in his big boy bed than in his crib! Let's just hope he keeps it up! If anyone has any "helpful hints" on transitioning to a big boy bed, I'd love to hear your secrets!