Thursday, November 15, 2012

Look who is turning 2!!

 Oh sweet baby girl...I can't even find words to describe the blessing you are.  You are no doubt an answered prayer and we are honored to be your mommy & daddy! 
You are so full of life!  You love just about anything and anyone!  No "stranger danger" for you.  Just today while at the post office, you gave this sweet little old lady a big hug around her leg. Boy did she light up!  You are so tender hearted and get your feelings hurt very easily.  You only have to be told NO once.  You eat just about everything and will certainly try anything at least once.  Your favorite foods include steak, duck, marshmellows, fish, raisins, fruit, broccoli, noodles, rice,soup, grilled cheeses from Sonic, bacon, milk, cupcakes, and french toast.  Your favorite words are "I wuv you" which you say about 100 + times a day, thank you, peeze, milk, Nurner, and have a good day! 
 You are completely and utterly in love with your daddy.  You're a daddy's girl no questions asks.  Although you prefer momma during the day...once daddy gets home, he is all yours!  You insist he put you to bed every night...and daddy doesn't complain one bit!
 You're as tough as nails!  You can keep up with Turner and the big kids at Ms. Kathys.  You rarely get hurt....more often, you get up, "dust it off" and keep goin'!!
 Your favorite place to be is outside playing with your brother! You love dolls but will drop a doll any day to play in the dirt with Turner and his dump trucks.  You love playing chase with him and taking walks around the neighborhood. You think it is so fun to go "cruisin" in his Jeep. You giggle the entire time!  You love going to the zoo with friends and your favorite animal is the brown bears. You love books.  Lately your favorite is The Nose book and all the Pete the Cat books.  You, much like Turner, love to shake your booty and clap your hands.  You love bath time and snuggling with Mercy & Lexus.  Your favorite toy is your stroller, you'll go round and round and round the living room pushing your babies.  You are still fond of your pacifier and your stuffed dog Missy and you prefer your baby bed over a big girl bed which is fine by this mommy!   
 You have the softest brown skin, most gorgeous black curls, beautiful bright eyes and a smile that sparkles.  You are perfect in every single way my sweet little love bug.
Did I mention you adore your brother "Nurner"  You love him so much, that even after he shoves you off the couch, you gladly and happily join him in "time out"  ~You've got the forgive and forget thing down pat!

Lydia- I LOVE YOU~ I LOVE YOU~ I LOVE YOU!  We are humbly blessed and so thankful for "K" and her brave and selfless decision to choose adoption.

  My prayer for you is that you love the Lord with all your heart, always follow him, and forever let your light shine bright!
Happy Birthday Lydia Kaye!

Your stats:
You weigh 26 lbs & 12.8 oz which puts you in the 55%
You are 36 1/2 inches tall which puts you in the 95%
Head circ is 48 cm which is right in the middle at 50%
You got 1 shot today and the flu mist. You did great even said Thank you after your shot!

 Birthday donuts are the best!
 Make a wish and blow hard!
 It's my birthday

 Lydia got her own remote control car!
and a motorcycle and helmet!

Friday, November 9, 2012

My heart yearns...

We've had lots of "Jordan time" over the last 2 weekends - its been wonderful, heart breaking, inspiring and humbling
 It has left me hopeful, hopeless, mad, sad, happy and confused
 One of the biggest blessings out of Turner's adoption has been the relationship we have with his older brother Jordan
 John & I have been intentional about investing and planting seeds of Love, Christ, and Grace in Jordan's heart...but is that enough?
 I have to admit it has been consuming me lately.  I can't fully grasp why but I'm not at peace.... I want so much more for this precious boy.  I don't want to over step our boundaries or ruin the relationships we have worked so hard to build....  therefore I am torn and often left questioning God....
 I pray every single night for Him to reveal the "role" he wants us to play in Jordan's life...I know what my heart wants~ but I want what God wants.....
So for now, we just love on and enjoy this boy and pray that God's hand is protecting, guiding, and molding him into a boy who loves the Lord and let's his light shine bright. 

Monday, November 5, 2012


 We kicked off Halloween week with our annual trip to Arcadia ~ The Story Book Forest!  We went with some friends and the kids had an absolute blast!
 Sis was super excited to be like the "big kids" and walk around vs being in her stroller like last year
 She got a kick out of all the stops!  The dish & spoon was one of her favorites
 She too got candy like like the others!  I was shocked how brave she was!

 Lydia's favorite candy is suckers while her brothers is smarties. He says he has to eat smarties if he's going to be smart!!  HA HA
 These kids aren't frightened by a giant spider
 Then after the forest we played games and roasted hot dogs & marshmallows by the camp fire
2012  Halloween night~ My little superheroes- Batman & Robin
 Sweetest little Robin I've seen
 Turner and his boy Cole-Man!
 Lydia & her girl- Emma!
 One of our favorite parts about Halloween is going to Ms. Kathy's house.  She and her daughter Holly make the most amazing taco soup!  It's delish and such a treat  to see all the kids Kathy has watched over the years come back to visit.  She truly has been a blessing to so many families!
Kathy & sweet Lydia.  She loves her Ms. Kathy!
Happy Halloween!

I'm ashamed I didn't get any pictures of our 2nd Halloween party at the Rome's.  After Kathy's we went to their house for yummy BBQ, dessert, and then a night of trick or treating!