Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mommy's headed to Memphis

I tear up just thinking about it, but on Thursday, I'm off to Memphis until Sunday. I will be spending the rest of the week/weekend at a leadership conference with nearly 1,000 college students from all over the US that are passionate about raising money for the kids at St. Jude and putting an end to childhood cancer! How cool is that?
I've been traveling ever since I went back to work, but something about this trip seems to be harder. Maybe it's the sweetest moment Turner and I shared last night. John had to go to Little Rock yesterday afternoon, so last night it was me and my little angel, Lexus & Mercy. Turner was even more of a snuggle bug than usual. As I was rocking and praying over him, his precious little sleepy eyes looked at me, he took his paci out of his mouth, his hands reached for my face and he kissed me....tears immediately welled up in my eyes...God knew it was just what I needed at that very moment. Then he fell fast asleep in my arms. God is so awesome! I am still in awe that HE chose us to raise such an amazing little baby boy. I love you to pieces Turner...and I'm going to miss you like crazy! Not a moment will go by that I'm not thinking about you and your papa. I'm so blessed to have such a "hands on" honey! He's the best so I'm not worried about Turner, it's going to be harder on me :) And Aunt CC is coming in Thursday & Friday to help out...so if he's not spoiled already, he'll be when I return home on Sunday!
Turner's sitter had to go out of town last minute this week, so Turner got to spend the day with Ashley and her beautiful little girls Addie and Vivi. He had so much fun with the girls. Vivi decided after playing with Turner, she wanted to have 10 babies...Addie on the other hand, wasn't so sure...she said she only wanted 2! Thank you Ash for helping me out!
Look mommy, my new tooth!

Lolly and Grams came up for the weekend to see their little guy! I absolutely LOVE this picture of Grams and Turner. Isn't my Grandma Rose beautiful....not only on the outside, but on the inside. I've said it before, but I'm truly blessed to have such a close relationship with my Grandma Rose and it makes my heart swell up at the fact that Turner is falling in love with his Great Grandma Rose too!
Pure happiness!
Turner "chillaxin" with his new cell phone and chair that Lolly & Pops gave him ....he thinks he's pretty hot stuff! This evening he climbed up in it and started bouncing on his bottom and a few seconds later stood up and started jumping on it...we're in trouble now!
Too sweet for words....
On Saturday morning, we had a family pool party with all of our adoption buddies who have trans-racial families! It was so much fun and I look forward to many more years of play days!

Turner being a silly boy and "playing it up" for the camera
So Turner apparently shares my obsession for mopping our hardwood floors!
Hope everyone has a wonderful week and please say a few extra prayers for me while I'm traveling!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


John & I went to the movies a few weeks ago and I've been meaning to blog about this and vacation came and gone and I'm ashamed I haven't done it before now..but my dear friend, Molly http://www.shockleyfamily.blogspot.com/ posted her view point on the upcoming movie called Orphan which opens this Friday...and her view point was 110% with what was in my heart and she has such a way with words...so I'm copying her blog post word for word....

"Blake and I had a date night last week and actually had a nice long dinner and then enjoyed a movie. Before the previews came on I remembered reading about Orphan on another blog and I shared with Blake what I had read. Sure enough, we sat and watched the preview ourselves. I wanted to scream and throw up at the same time. This movie seems to easily stereotype orphans as something that most people already feared they were. There is so much negativity in the media about adoption, both international and domestic, already...to have this thrown in the mix was just more than my heart can handle.The premise of the movie is a 9 year old girl is adopted into a family and then starts terrorizing not only her family but everyone she comes into contact with. It's a horror movie to say the least. It's devastating to see that there are so many children without someone to give them love, and here we are in America making movies to scare anyone away from reaching out to them. Please, I beg you do not see this movie. If you will, you can easily sign this petition http://www.orphansdeservebetter.org/petition.html asking Warner Bros. to give some of their profits to help Orphans around the world."

Thanks Molly for letting me share your blog. There was an article in The Oklahoman yesterday about this movie and voices from many adoption advocates. There are an estimated 129,000 children in the US foster care system waiting to be adopted and that millions of children abroad are also needing adoptive families. When will all the hate and negativity stop. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign the petition..it takes less than 30 seconds and please do not go watch this movie.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Turner's 1st Satterfield family vacation!

2009 Satterfield family vacation
Eureka Springs, Arkansas

We had such a wonderful time with all of the Satterfield gang. There was never a dull moment between the 5 grandchildren or the 3 brothers...not sure which group was more entertaining. We went to Branson and hit the outlet malls, enjoyed all the art in Eureka Springs, ate tons of delicious food including an amazing fish fry courtesy of the guys' fishing trip and had wonderful fellowship. It was certainly a trip to remember.

Thank you Johnny & Judy for treating us to a special vacation. We love you so much!

Grandma, Grandpa and all their precious grand kids!

Turner had SO much fun playing with his big cousins.

Turner did so awesome on the car ride to Eureka and the entire vacation. I was a little nervous how he'd do with his schedule since I'm a stickler on schedules..but he was perfect. Had 3 naps a day and was never fussy and for the most part slept pretty good in his pack 'n play!

One Happy Little camper ..if you look real close you can see that Turner's 1st toothy finally popped thru the gum...and another one right next to it is about to pop up too!

Having some papa time!

A cold front moved in on Monday morning, so we rushed to get around and headed out for Silver Dollar City in Branson. By the looks of Turner's grin, he had a blast. He was a little jealous of mommy and papa's funnel cake and lemonade freeze! John & I didn't ride any rides, but we love to look at all the craft stores and eat all the "fair" food!

Turner and his wonderful cousins: Reese (4), Emma (9), Mason (7), and Tess (4)

Tess and Turner having fun!

This was Turner's 1st "ride" at Silver Dollar City!

Ready for Sunday brunch....On Sunday, we all went to the Crescent Hotel to indulge in their Sunday brunch. Smoked salmon, prime rib, shrimp, omelets, chocolate fountain and mimosa's. I could get use to those type of meals!

Mason being a big boy and holding Turner!

Emma, Tess, and Mason at Sunday brunch acting so grown up!

Turner and his "do rag" ready to go swimming. He loved the big kid pool. He floated on his back and even kicked his feet! He wanted so badly to put his face in the water...maybe next summer. But I think he's going to love swimming like me!

My wonderful in-laws! Thank you again for an amazing family vacation.

We made memories that we will cherish for a lifetime!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Off to Arkansas we go!!

Yes, the time has finally come for us to go on our annual Satterfield family vacation with all of Johns brothers, their families and his parents. And boy are we needing a vacation. We are so excited to see everyone, especially Emma, Mason, and Tess who live in DC and haven't seen Turner since Christmas. He is going to have so much fun playing with his big cousins. We are spending an entire week at the cabin going to the lake & the pool, relaxing, eating tons of wonderful food and good fellowship. Life doesn't get much better than this.
Here are a few pictures from the week and Turner's 1st 4th of July. Enjoy
You can't see it in this picture, but Turner has a bottom toothy that is right at the skin getting ready to break thru any minute now :) This is one of the many adorable outfits "C" gave Turner.
Turner's 1st 4th of July...and he LOVED it. He stayed awake until 10:30 watching fireworks and clapping his hands.

A sweet moment with Turner and his papa
One of MANY pictures John took on the 4th of July
Turner and mommy celebrating his 1st 4th of July!
Turner and his good friend Kenna! He absolutely adores Kenna. Her parents are in our Journey church group so he gets to play with her every Sunday night! We're ready for her to be old enough to babysit!
Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

9 months and I can.....

Tomorrow, Turner will celebrate his 9 month birthday!

At 9 months he weighs 20 lbs & 11.2 oz (50%) and is 30 inches tall (95 %)

Long and lean!

Turner can.....

crawl, sit up all by himself, stand by him self, cruise on the furniture and walk with a little help,
clap his hands, wave hi and bye, give high 5 to his papa, play with his sissys, eat solid food...watermelon, green beans, and cheese seem to be his favorites, play peek a boo, say da da, sleep thru the night, play in the big boy pool, and splash around!

Turner only wants a paci when he's in the car or ready for nap or bedtime. Maxx is his favorite toy. When he gets sleepy he loves to rub Maxx's ears. Puts him to sleep every time.

Gracias Miss Blanca for Turner's shirt from Mexico! We think he's a little angel too!

On Saturday, we celebrated cousin Reese's 4th birthday! She had an arts and crafts themed birthday so mommy made me a yellow visor with my name on it.

Happy Birthday REESE!
We love you.
Turner also experienced a swing for the 1st time and by the looks of that cheesy little grin, he thought it was pretty cool!

On Friday, Turner got his 1st haircut :) And was a little angel. I guess he's use to mommy playing with his hair so much so it didn't seem to bother him one bit.

Turner being so brave....

My hair BEFORE my 1st haircut

At 9 months, his sweet gummy smile still melts my heart!

Happy 9 month Birthday Turner man. We love you to pieces!