Sunday, February 27, 2011

Milestones galore!

Well this is the biggest news at our house lately....Turner no longer has his paci! WOO HOOO!!! Yep- you got it "Paci in the trashy" as of Friday night. We went for gelato and Turner paid for his ice cream, you guessed it, in pacifiers! He's been such a champ and hasn't hardly missed it at all! No sleepless nights or fits in this household!
Doing a little jumping on his bed to celebrate what a big boy he is!
My little love bug still loves reading his many many books! And since this blog serves as my scrap book~ here are some other things our Turner bears is doing: He loves singing his ABC's, he can count to 10, he knows the names of colors but still thinks everything is either pink or purple. He loves race cars and playing out side, he says his prayers all by himself and serenades mommy every day on the way to Ms. Kathys. Turner is a natural soccer player, loves bath time, is a booty shaking boy, likes rocks and dirt but still loves his mommy to hold him!
We all love kissing those sweet little brown feet!
Miss America 2030

Sissy is all smiles now a days! Rolling over like crazy and is scooting from one end of her bed to another.

She especially loves when her bubba talks to her~ she lights up~
And Turner is all smiles too! He loves being a big brother
Turner has been such an awesome BIG brother lately~ He's teaching Lydia how to roll (which she has been doing for over a week now), keep her head up on while on her tummy, trying to get her to crawl, and making her smile all the time! He talks to her non-stop and thinks its funny when she starts babbling...he says "Mommy, what she say?"

We had another fun "Jordie" weekend last week!
~So blessed Jordan is in our lives~
Aunt CC and E came in town last week to have a belated birthday celebration for Aunt CC. As you can see, Turner thought it was his special day!
Aunt CC even let him blow out the candle!
Looking forward to a fun filled work week! My new boss is coming to town all week long and I can't wait for him to meet my precious family!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

3 months old!

Well little Miss Lydia is 3 months old today and what joy she has given our family in such a short time! We fall more and more in love with this little princess every minute. She has such a sparkle in her eyes and the sweetest little grin. She is full of energy and loves to kick around. She's a tummy sleeper and enjoys to be snuggled! She loves us to read books and smiles when Turner sings Jesus Loves Me. She is "talking" all the time ~ I think she's going to give Turner bears a run for his money once she can actually say words. Lydia is incredibly laid back and is napping and sleeping very well. She likes to have her feet rubbed and be swaddled up tight. She is absolutely perfect in every single way~

She has found her hands and often prefers them over her paci!
That smile just melts my heart!
Look at those beautiful lashes!
This was Turner when he was 3 months old! Man I don't remember him being so chunky! Sissy doesn't have a single roll yet!

It seems like only yesterday, my big boy was 3 months old!
I'm learning to soak up every single moment, because they fly by so fast!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day to YOU!

Valentine's Day kisses from our love bugs to yours!
Lydia's 1st Valentine's Day!
Turner is obsessed with putting on his shoes, who cares if they are on the wrong feet! Before he comes into the living room in the mornings, he puts his tennis shoes on with his pjs :)
Loving my 2 angel babies!

Sweet, soft kisses from bubba!
Sissy in her sassy outfit from Aunt CC

Friday, February 4, 2011


Well the 2011 Oklahoma Blizzard has come and gone...although today it's been snowing in Norman since 9:30 am. And boy have we had fun being stuck in the house! The blizzard started Monday night and we ended up getting over 1 foot of snow with drifts over 4 ft tall!! John's company closed the office both Tuesday & Wednesday so we truly had family fun days! It was so much fun, we had to be a little creative to keep Turner bears entertained!
Here is a glimpse into our week~ Enjoy
Turner had a BLAST playing in the snow...despite the 11 degree temps. He had a major melt down when I made him come in!
Lazy day deluxe! We didn't get out of our pjs nearly all week long & taking a nap with sissy is the best!
Let's hope that snow wasn't yellow~'s cold!
Mommy, you better watch comes a big snow ball!
Is he not the cutest thing ever in his snow gear and boots???
Turner "testing" out the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies him and daddy made! I think by the size of his smile, they got an A++
Oh yes, just like in the movies, Turner wanted to help daddy bake and insisted that he turn the mixer on...well, he doesn't quiet understand there is a BIG difference in 2 speed and 8 speed! He went full force on 8 speed and out went the flour EVERYWHERE! Look at that little ornery grin on his face!
A little more brown sugar daddy...
Waiting patiently for snow ice cream!

Not only did we stay in our pjs, so did the dogs! They like to be warm too!
On Sunday before the storm hit, everyone came to our house for some yummy Mexican food and fun!
Sweet Tess and Lydia
Sissy loves her tummy time

and mommy loves dress up time
Can't wait til sissy is old enough next year to go and play in the snow with us!
Hope everyone has had as much fun as we have this week!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Legacy left behind

A week ago last night, our world was shattered. John's dad and my amazing father in law, Johnny, went to meet our almighty savior. Although much sooner than we were hoping for, we rest in peace knowing that he suffered very little and was surrounded by his 3 sons and wife when he took his last breath. There was more love in that room than you can imagine, and I'm certain Johnny felt every ounce of it. He will be dearly missed....but his legacy will live on for generations to come. We were so blessed to have over 6 years with Johnny since he was 1st diagnosed with cancer and were able to soak up every moment we were with him, not taking a second for granted.

~Here are some of my favorite pictures of Johnny, our dad, our grandpa, our role model, and our friend~

In true Johnny fashion, he was putting together toys as soon as the kids opened them. Johnny could put together and "fix" almost anything. That is one of the things I think my John will miss the most...when something wasn't working right, who needs a plumber, mechanic, or a electrician when you have Johnny Satterfield in the family!
I'm so glad Johnny was able to love on our sweet Lydia...I will cherish this picture forever~ the way the two of them are looking in each others eyes is priceless
Johnny honored God in every aspect of his life
His legacy will continue to be lived out in John as a husband and father
One of my favorite things about Johnny was he loved giving kisses. We never left his house without getting a kiss on the lips....oh how I will miss those kisses. When I left the hospital Monday night, Johnny had an oxygen mask on so I bent down and gave him a kiss on the forehead and he blew me a kiss from under his mask~even in his weakest moment, he always gave kisses
It breaks my heart that Turner won't grow up with Grandpa Satterfield around...John & I will make certain he remembers what a wonderful man his grandpa was
Turner loved his Grandpa to read him books
Johnny shared our joy & deep heart ache with Braxton

I'm so thankful we were able to take these family photos this summer....Johnny's pride and joy was his grand kids. He was crazy about them and they were crazy about him
And his boys adored him...he wasn't just "dad" he was their friend
Proud grandparents ~Christmas 2008

Grandma & Grandpa meeting Lydia for the 1st time

Johnny-First of all thank you for being an awesome father in law any girl would dream of. You love me as if I am one of your own. But most importantly, thank you for being such an amazing role model and father to John. There is no doubt, John wouldn't be half the husband, father, and best friend he is if it wasn't for your influence on his life. Thank you for teaching him the importance of family, compassion, true love, honor, respect and living a God centered life. I will miss you more than words can express but await the day til we meet again! Sending a giant kiss to heaven