Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer time FUN!

This weekend was absolutely perfect! And I mean everything from the weather to the Bar B Que John made Friday night...I don't want the week to start :)
On Saturday, we decided it was time for Turner to have his own little pool.
So off to Wal-mart we went to find the perfect one. 3 trips and an electric pump later we were splish splashin in his new jungle pool!
He loves the water...even when it's freezing cold. It doesn't seem to phase him one bit.
Pucker up Mr. Zebra
We can hook the hose up to the zebra and water sprinkles out of his nose!
The pool is even big enough for me to get in and lay out! Yippee!
Friday night, John treated us to some of his famous BBQ ribs. They were YUMMY. God knew exactly what he was doing when he picked John for me...I love to eat but hate to cook :)
So while John was cooking and I was enjoying the beautiful weather,
Turner decided he wanted to smell the flowers....and seconds later....
decided to eat dirt....
This face says it all :)
And in true Chassidy fashion, I had to take a picture before I got the dirt out of his mouth...a little dirt doesn't hurt anyone, right?
Hope you all had an amazing weekend!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Off to Perryton we went!

We made a road trip to Perryton this weekend and had such a fun visit! It is never long enough though. Turner was such a little champ, as he slept 90% of the ride (nearly 4 hours) and stayed on schedule the entire weekend! We ate entirely way too much Mexican food but enjoyed every single bite.
Today the diet started!
Here are a few pictures from the weekend.
Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day and were able to take some time and thank God for all the brave men and women who put their lives on the line every single day so we might enjoy freedom.

Turner & Mercy waiting for mommy and papa to come back from shopping
Nothings better than Lolly rocking Turner to sleep.

Our little Spanish cowboy....lolly and pops gave us a sneak peek of Turner's 1st birthday present. Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen..pearl snaps and all!
He's so serious.
Turner's new favorite toys....jar lids :) Thanks Lolly for sending us home with some.
Turner wanted to enjoy coffee with the big boys too on Saturday morning
(Don't worry, there wasn't really coffee in his cup)
On Saturday night, Trish, Breckyn, Britton, mema and Grandma Rose came over for dinner. Trish has the best in home day care in Perryton...she too thinks Turner is advanced for his age!
Britton, Turner, and Breckyn enjoying Lolly & Pops backyard. Not only did we have Grandma Rose's delicious strawberry cake for dessert, Pops made us root beer floats :) YUMMY!
Breckyn feeding Turner squash

Britton wanted to join in on the feeding fun too!

Turner is finally getting the hang of his sippy cup

So after I took this picture, I knew it was time for Turner to start using his sippy cup more often. We use the water bottle to discipline the dogs...we just point it at them and voila...they act like little angels. Every once in a while, if they ignore it, we squirt a little water at them and they straighten right up.
Well, Turner got a hold of the water bottle and apparently was thirsty...because he started sucking on the nozzle and pumping the lever so he could get some water!
How hilarious is that!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day Turner!!!

It's official.....
Turner Cantrell is a Satterfield! Yippee!!!
This morning we went to court to finalize Turner's adoption.
Happy Gotcha Day sweet baby Turner.
We love you to the sun and back and are so honored God chose us to be your forever parents. God is Good!

Our judge was so sweet! I think we might have scared him with all the pictures we took! But we never want to forget this special day when our baby boy is "officially" ours.
After court, we all went out to eat and then John & I took Turner to the zoo to celebrate! We had so much fun and the weather was perfect!
Thank you Grandma Rose for making us a special cake! We were so happy you and Mema came be a part in this glorious day.
Turner also got to "sample" his Gotcha cake! And by the look of that precious smile...I think he too is a fan of Grandma Rose's cake!
All of our family awaiting court! Can you tell we're on cloud nine!

Grandma & Grandpa kept Turner this weekend while John & I went to Claremore for our dear friends Adam & Mandy's wedding. It was a nice to spend a weekend with just John BUT we were both really ready to come back home to our little guy. Thank you Grandma & Grandpa for keeping me on my first overnight without both mommy & daddy. I had so much fun!

Turner's Great Mema & Great Grandma Rose.
Turner and his proud papa.
One blessed family.
Lolly & Pops, thank you so much for coming to spend Turner's Gotcha Day with us. It is one of the happiest days in our lives and we couldn't imagine it without you.
Don't worry...Turner didn't really eat a smores...okay, maybe a little taste of the marshmallow thanks to Lolly! John made us a nice little fire outside last night and we voted smores was a must! The weather was perfect to sit on the screened in porch, enjoying smores and a cozy fire!

Aunt CC stopped by on Sunday night to see her little man before she had to head back to teach in Wichita Falls.

Happy Gotcha Day Turner Cantrell Satterfield
May 18, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

My cup runeth over....

For several years I always dreaded Mother's Day...I would think of reason I couldn't go to church on this special day because my heart ached so badly. How I longed to stand up and be recognized with all the mother's. Well that time of dreading Mother's Day is now passed. I no longer fought back tears of sadness this Sunday..but yet quiet the opposite. I had tears of joy as I held my sweet little Turner close to my heart. I had to be the proudest mom in the sanctuary! Oh how my heart was with all those birth mothers & women who long to be mothers. I will never forget that feeling of emptiness nor take for granted the blessings of motherhood. I am forever changed.
Speaking of birth mothers....late last week we got a call from our adoption agency that we had been praying for. "C" called and wants to see us! I started bawling the second I got the call...I'm certain the people in the airport thought I was crazy! Our prayers have been answered. Although C has had a rough couple of weeks, she is safe and is ready to see us. So this Wednesday, we will celebrate a belated Mother's Day with her. I can hardly wait to see her face when she sees Turner. My cup runeth over with gratitude for this women who chose us to raise and love her son.
So this afternoon while I was doing a couple of chores, I let Turner play in his bed and I heard him giggling...and this is what I found....
On the 6th marked Turner's 7 month birthday. I can't believe that 7 months have already passed. He's growing like a weed...pushing 20 lbs, eating stage 2 foods (getting ready to graduate to stage 3) , crawling, walking with support, can say da da, ba ba, etc, still loves to read books, snuggle with mommy & papa and have his hair played with. His favorite toy is his dog Maxx, he's taking big boy baths in the big boy tub and loves to take walks. Each day seems to bring something new. He gets more and more fun every single day!
I love you make my heart melt. I am so blessed to be your mommy

I am starting to question why we have all these toys for Turner....his favorite ones are the "real "telephone, my blackberry, the real remote, and my camera! I captured this picture right as he was reaching for the lens.
He no longer wants to sit down...he's pulling up on everything and wanting to stand all the time! He is one busy bee!
He looks so old in this picture!
Not sure what kind of face he was making here....maybe he was making a "present" :)
Mommy's little love bug
We spent a fun filled evening with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Kelly, Uncle Heath and Reese for Mother's Day. I am so blessed to have not only a wonderful mother but also a Godly mother in law who I have learned so much from. I can only hope and pray that when Turner's time comes, I will be as wonderful of a mother in law as Judy is to me! Happy Mother's Day mom & Judy.

Pucker up Mommy!

All gums.....and still no teeth

Grandma Rose & Aunt CC...this video is for you :) Go Turner Go!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Whirl wind week & weekend!

We've had a super fun week and weekend! Thanks to everyone who prayed for the birthmothers retreat! The agency sent an email out this morning saying the ladies had a wonderful time and loved all the goodies we were able to get them.
I'll post more on the weekend in a few days!
It's official, Turner has mastered crawling! He's a busy little boy now!
Turner's 1st trip to the OKC zoo!

We had another trans-racial play date and this time we visited the zoo. I didn't know if Turner would enjoy it or not...He loved it! In fact, he skipped his morning nap and enjoyed looking at all the animals! This play group is so much fun. It is so refreshing to spend time with families that look like ours! I'm a little biased, but we had the cutest kids at the zoo!!
Turner showing off his new hair product!
Turner, thanks to Aunt CC, got a new hair product this weekend! Dark & Lovely, Beautiful Beginnings. I LOVE IT. It's made up of coconut milk and coconut oil. So not too oily and smells delish! Thanks Aunt CC for asking your school teacher friends. We love it
Lolly, Pops, and Aunt CC came up for the weekend. I can't believe this was the only picture I took the entire weekend! We were too busy playing!
Crystal, Mom, and I went to the Lion King on Saturday. It was AMAZING! I still can't believe how awesome the costumes were!
Dad, Turner & John had a "boys" day starting off with the new family tradition of the guys (without us women) having breakfast at The Diner, then shopping at the motorcycle and tractor stores followed by Lowes & Home Depot! Sounds like fun, huh?
Lexus & Mercy want to be a part of everything. They are waiting patiently outside the bathroom while Turner is getting a bath :) What fun would it be having all 3 in the tub! I'm having visions of a blow up pool and all 3 of them having a blast!
Can you tell he is toothies yet but I am thinking any day one will pop up!
My little happy boy

Turner is pulling up on EVERYTHING! Look at those muscles
My precious boys. I love you both dearly!