Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kissin cousins

Earlier this month all the Satterfield cousins were together for a long fun filled weekend! 

 It's so wonderful to see them all play together and have a great time loving on each other!
 The kids blew lots and lots of bubbles at grandma's house
 Gave horsey back rides to the little ones
 Turner got a lesson in WWF wrestling thanks to Mason..who Turner refers to as AWESOME!
 and then played more horsey!
and finally spent a night at the Bricktown ballpark cheering on the OKC Redhawks

Turner & Lydia can't wait to play with their cousin for an entire week next summer!  3 days just wasn't long enough

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Swim lessons and friends make summer time FUN!

In July Turner had 2 weeks of swim lessons and LOVED it which was a far cry from last summer.  The 1st day he cried most of the class but after that he was a champ!  I think he's a future little fishy :) 

On the last 2 days of lessons, they were given the option to jump off of the diving board...which my little dare devil was 1st to say YES! 
Turner can swim under water without floaties for about 6 feet. 
 Goggles are our new fashion accessory at the Satterfield house!
 Looking ever so sassy in her yellow bikini!
 Turner got a diving rocket ship for going all the way under water by himself!  He now loves to dive for it
 I'm too cool for my goggles
 A little random pic but too cute not to post- sis loves her some frozen blue berries!
 I think she got a sour one!
 Last week Turner's best friend spent the day with us!  Aren't they adorable
 Lydia loves her bathing suits!
 Turner & Keegan said they were ready to go camping: complete with hats, long pants, backpacks, binoculars, a flash light and a shield of course to fight off all the bears! Love these boys' imagination
 2 little cowboys
 Its amazing how much entertainment red Solo cups can provide on a hot summer day!
Lydia and Emma Claire snuggling
 Just like their older brothers, these 2 little angels are the best of friends!
Sis has become quiet the little piggy :)  Last night Lydia ate 2 apricots, broccoli salad, crackers, pulled pork, 1 strawberry and cheese all in one setting! And yes, she eats with her foot on the table :)  Such a little lady :)

We are gearing up for a weekend with the Satterfield gang!  Turner can't wait to see all his cousins tomorrow morning!