Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2 months old....all about sissy!

Oh this sweet little angel has brought so much joy to our lives in the past 2 months~
At 2 months old Lydia weighs 10 lbs & 6 oz (50%) and is 23 1/4 inches long (90%) Skinny and long just like her BIG brother!

Trying to show a little grin!
Lydia has the sweetest personality. She is very laid back and loves to smile and coo....
and sleep.....she's such a good sleeper on a very consistent schedule for her mommy!

She has the "brightest" eyes I've ever seen. Even when she's not smiling with her mouth, her eyes just sparkle and smile
This past weekend John & I had a Dallas weekend getaway and Aunt CC and E were so sweet to keep the kids all weekend long! This cute picture Aunt CC took
Lydia loves her tummy time
She still hasn't lost a single strand of that beautiful jet black hair! I think it's going to be long and straight just like "K's"
Such kissable full lips!

We can't imagine life without you Lydia Kaye~ you were our answer to many prayers! You are the perfect addition to our family and we can't wait to watch you grow up...but for now, we are loving this stage!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Part 2

We celebrated Christmas with the Satterfields on Dec 26th! Everyone was in town and it was so much fun!
Doesn't this beautiful Grandma look proud!
Reese did such a good job feeding Lydia
Turner having fun with his cousin Emma

Emma is going to be such a good baby sitter when she gets older! Lydia loved her oldest cousin holding her
This was their 1st time to meet Lydia! By the look of it, they all think she's pretty special
Lydia adores her Grandpa and so does her mommy

~The Satterfield cousins~
Caught red handed! Aunt Kelley brought a big can of popcorn! Turner's favorite food in the whole wide world!
Uncle Blanton and a sleepy Turner
Aunt Jane Ann, Emma, and Tess
We had such a fun time the entire week while Blanton's family was in town! The kids played lots of Wii, us ladies went on a little shopping spree and the guys took in a hockey game! A wonderful end to the Christmas celebration!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas picture catch up~Part 1 !

Yes I know it will be a shocker that I am going to have to do Christmas pictures in 3 parts since I took so many! So here's a peek into Christmas at Perryton!

Cousin Emmerson holding sweet Lydia

Aunt CC loving on her babies

Turner loves playing with a butter knife and cutting fruit :) Yes slap me on the hand for allowing him to do it! Aunt CC and E got Turner this fun wooden fruit and veggie set! He's been chopping the food non-stop

E made Turner a robot outfit from a box~ so clever & FUN

Christmas morning

Santa brought a warm dog hat that was a hit for Turner

...and he also brought a truck full of cars! Turner's dream!

We had a surprise visit from Santa for the 1st time! Turner thought he was pretty cool

A facial for Aunt Di

Christmas angel

On Christmas Eve we have the tradition of going over to Grams house for "snack" food, fellowship, and fun! Grams is the baby whisperer. Lydia loves for her Great Grandma to hold her

Lolly & Lydia

Pops and Lydia snuggling

Before the Christmas break, some of my dear friends came over for a play date, gift exchange and a shower for Lydia. It was so much fun! This was an "attempt" to capture a picture with all the kids...most of them made it in this pic- 4 of the youngest are still missing!

Sharing his paci with his sissy~

Who needs toys when you can hide and build a fort with pillows from the couch?

Turner is still in love with "Idia"~ Can't you see the love in their eyes

My Christmas wish~ My love bugs!

I don't know how I managed not to take a single picture at Mema's, but we spent Christmas afternoon over there and had a blast! Turner loved playing with all his cousin and daddy loved playing dominoes and cards!