Friday, June 15, 2012

Lydia, you're our wish come true!

I never want to forget what an answer to prayers sweet Lydia Kaye was to our family. After a long journey of waiting and a failed adoption which left us beyond heart broken, we were blessed by "K" and her choice to choose adoption for her unborn baby girl.  Through it all, I have been stretched more than I ever dreamed of (and some days more than I ever wished for) but I wouldn't change 1 SINGLE thing...through each trial God's grace was sufficient and he was faithful beyond belief! We serve a mighty savior who knows our heart's desire...I learned sometimes I needed to simply BE STILL AND KNOW HE is GOD!
Isn't she gorgeous!  I get stopped just about everywhere I go. 
 Lydia loves her sleep! 
 She can't function without at least 1 nap and she still likes to go to be at 7:00 pm.  She typically sleeps thru the night and is up bright and early around 6:00 am
 She loves to snuggle and yes, she still has a paci :)
 And she smiles & talks all the time!  She repeats everything we say and can count to 3. She knows her hands, feet, eyes, nose, mouth, and tummy. 
 Her favorite foods include frozen blueberries, grill cheese sandwiches, mac n cheese, brisket, popscicles, steak, salmon, spagetti, and of course cheerios
 She adores her big brother!  Especially when he snuggles with her

Lately, I've been  asked alot if they are "real brothers and sisters"  For the past 20 months, I would politely say "not biological but yes they are siblings" then one day it hit me like a ton of bricks...YES they are siblings, it doesn't matter if they are biological or not. I never want the kids to doubt they are "real" from that day on, I say "Yep they sure are aren't we blessed!" 
 Sis loves playing in the sprinkler & her baby pool!
 She is constantly making funny faces that make us laugh! 
 Lydia and one of her favorite babysitters - Lane
 Lydia's hair is getting so curly and it's beautiful!  I have tried a few different ways of fixing it but I love the natural look the best!  Pantene leave in conditioner for women of color seems to work the best for now
 Lydia has a full mouth of teeth- 18 to be exact.  She, unlike her brother, loves to brush them!
 Cute in pig tails!
 Lydia LOVES to be outside! 
 I think we have a future All Star on our hands!
 Peek a boo
 I love her soft brown skin
Lydia loves to sing & dance
Her best friend is her brother 
She doesn't leave the house without her stuffed dog Missy
She loves to get kisses from Mercy & Lexus
She loves to give kisses too
She lights up when her daddy walks into the room-he's her hero
Her favorite toys are her baby stroller, her baby dolls, and Turner's race cars

Lydia you are the light of our life!!  So blessed to be your mommy!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We love long weekend getaways

We headed to the cabin for Memorial Day and then to Perryton the following weekend for some good 'ole fashion family time!

 Lydia and Daddy both share a love for sweet corn on the cob
 Yummy to my tummy
 Sis loved relaxing in Grandma Judy's hammock
 And eating strawberry shortcake for breakfast is a must!
 My cutie patootie!
 Turner loves watching for deer, birds, and woodpeckers on the deck at the cabin!
 and who would have thought he'd be entertained by little plastic army men!
 Then the kids and I loaded up and headed West to Perryton.  One of the big highlights was taking the 4 wheeler out to see the cattle every morning
 Aren't the beautiful
 There were lots of baby calfs in the herd.  Unfortunately one morning, we found a dead calf and Turner got a lesson in death and the fact that even animals go to heaven.
 You can't be in the country and not wash your hands in the water tank!
 Turner and Mema had a good race & crash derby going on
 So proud of his straight line of race cars!
 Turner loves to play with Mema!
 Pops and Lydia loved sharing breakfast burritos
 Grams headstone was just put up over Memorial Day weekend- Mom did an amazing job picking it out. No doubt Grams is smiling down!  I love the verse that's on it-"She served and kept the faith, she concealed her tears but shared her smiles. She gave so much and demanded so little."  Fits her to a tea!
Love you Grams and miss you more than words can ever express

Things that Summer are made of

Our summer has kicked off and it's been lots and lots of fun! So much fun, I haven't had time to post pictures :) So here are some of our favorite things about summer so far!

Fun science projects- it's amazing that some vinegar and baking soda could entertain a boy for nearly an hour!
 "nilla" icecream!
 Mother's Day art work
 Glad Turner thinks I'm 15 :)  Such a sweetie
 zoo time with great friends!!
 Climbing on things we aren't suppose too
 Sis is obsessed with touching kids hair...guess she thinks its normal since everyone always touches her hair!
 Summer fun!
 playing peek a boo with adorable little Nash
 Celebrating Mother's Day with Grandma Judy
 our failed attempt at a Mother's Day picture
 playtime doesn't stop when Turner has to poop :)  Sis just plops right down next to him and continues to play- we bring the party to him!
 I can't get enough of this little princess
 No training wheels for Turner...he went straight from his Strider bike to a BIG boy bike at age 3! Took him 1 day to get use to it and it's no turning back now
 Boy do they like to play with one another
 sweet kisses from bubba

 On May 18, we celebrated Turner's Gotcha Day!  He got a new blow up pool and
 Scooby Doo pjs :) 
 What's a summer without Jordan!
 Lydia has her own little girl pool too!
 Turner's 1st black eye!  He ran into our bedroom door..after the crying stopped, he thought it was SUPER COOL!
 And what's summer without lots and lots of popscicles!
As you can see- we're off to a busy start!  We love spending our afternoons and evenings outside playing playing and playing!