Friday, January 30, 2009

Papa's home!

John finally made it home yesterday after another day of missed/delayed flights. He ended up renting a car in Big D and driving home! Turner's sweet little face lit up when he woke from his nap and papa was home! Last night, Turner's 2 nannies came over for a "crash course" so they'll be all set and ready by the time Feb 9 rolls around and I go back to work. These two young ladies are such an answer to prayers...they are adorable and already have fallen in love with our little guy.

Turner and papa time
Oh how Turner is trying to roll over from back to front now..he's SO CLOSE and he gets EXTREMELY frustrated when he can't do it!
Turner's not teething yet but he loves sucking on the cold teething toys
a silly grin for the camera
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Turner finally rolls over!!! Front to Back

This morning was the magic morning Turner decided to roll over. He's been so close for the past few weeks. I was talking with my best friend Kelley last night saying he was so close to rolling over and she suggested a few things I could try to do to encourage him to finally do it. So last night we practiced and still no luck, then again this morning and nothing....then when I least expected it, he did it all by himself! YAY Turner, mommy is so proud of you!
After all the excitement, he's sleeping peacefully!
Yesterday we didn't leave the house again...drank way to much coffee and enjoyed keeping warm by the fireplace! Today is looking much the same and I'm loving every minute of it!
Papa-we miss you and can't wait til tomorrow! Here are a few pictures of Turner from yesterday
Practicing sitting up
Pure Sweetest...his hair was cracking me up yesterday. I did manage to give Turner a bath and his hair was in rare looked a little like Einstein's wild was going in every which direction!
Turner's favorite toy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Daddy's All Star

This post is for my sweet husband, best friend, and the world's greatest papa! John had to go San Antonio for the entire week so I promised to keep him updated with lots and lots of pictures! Yesterday, we bundled in our warmest clothes and had planned to take John to the airport, but after braving I- 35 and only going 5 miles in nearly an hour, we decided we better turn back around and head to Norman. Poor John got to the airport, boarded the plane, only to sit on the run way for 4 hours waiting for the de-icer trucks. We were secretly hoping they would take him back to the terminal so he could come home and snuggle by the fire with us! Thankfully he made it to San Antonio at 10:00 last night.
John, we love you and already miss you!

Daddy's All Star
Turner was all bundled up ready to take papa to the airport!
Turner watching the OSU basketball game last night....he loves the bright
only if we had won!Taking a little siesta after breakfast this morning!
Turner enjoying the snow in his bumbo
Turner's 1st winter ice storm!
Don't those eyes say, "Hurry home papa"
We love you John.... Thursday can't get here quick enough!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Another fun filled weekend with Aunt CC!!

Crystal, aka, Aunt CC, and Eric came up on Friday to spend the weekend with us! And boy did we have fun! On Saturday afternoon, they babysat Turner while John and I ran a few errands and went to the movies. It was nice to have a "date night" since we haven't really had one by ourselves since Turner blessed our lives. We managed to eat 2 large buckets of buttered popcorn with jalapeno salt and 2 Dr. Peppers....yes we decided to splurge and that calories didn't count on Saturday! But I have to admit after 3 1/2 hours away I was ready to come back home to my sweet little baby boy! Then later Saturday evening, we all went out to eat sushi! Turner was a little angel and slept through the entire meal!
Aunt CC and Eric, Turner had so much fun playing with you! Thank you for coming down and spending the weekend with us. We can't wait to go to Eureka over spring break with you all!
Aunt CC took this picture of Turner's melt down...I think he was missing his mommy!
Turner looks like a little angel to me in this one...just so sweet and pure
Turner and his sweet Aunt CC who spoils him ROTTEN! I will have to post pictures of the tie-dyed t-shirts Crystal made Turner...they are absolutely the cutest things ever. I can't wait for summer time. She also bought him his 1st swim suit! He is one fashionable little man
Turner and Eric chilling out watching football I'm sure! Or trying to take a nap :)

I wish I had video of this shot...Crystal would swing Turner and he would just giggle and giggle! She certainly has a way with children....she's a wonderful teacher and aunt!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Arts & Crafts, Sock Monkeys, and Lolly n Pops

John was out of town this week so Turner, Mercy, Lexus, and I loaded the car and headed to Perryton. Yes, I know you're probably thinking I'm crazy for taking a road trip with the baby and the dogs for 4 hours all by myself...but I have to say it was super easy. Both Turner & the dogs are such good travelers. The minute we hit the highway they fall sound a sleep!
Turner getting kisses from his Pops!
Turner and his sweet Lolly.
So this past Saturday, I had an itch for being crafty! I hadn't really done anything since our adoption scrapbook. My sister has been making Turner some t-shirts for the summer so I decided to make a trip to Hobby Lobby to see what fun things I could find to make Turner some winter shirts..and out of the 5 shirts I made him, only 3 turned out! John isn't too fond of the motorcycle shirt..thinks it's a little too girly! But I think it's adorable!
Turner and his Grandma Rose. On Thursday, Turner and I took Grams to Amarillo to get her treatments. We had such a fun time shopping, eating out, and spending time with her. She sat in the back seat with Turner on the way home and kept him entertained. It was priceless to hear him laughing at her! We love you Grams

Turner continues to want to stand all the time!! He may just skip crawling and go straight to walking!

Lolly & Turner take 2!
THANKS LOLLY AND POPS FOR SUCH A FUN WEEK.... We can't wait to see you in Norman in a few weeks!
Mema made Turner this adorable sock monkey when he was born and he is really liking to play with it now. He's reaching for it and snuggling with it! He especially likes to suck on the hands.
This is another shirt I made for can't really see it very good but it has a picture of John, Turner and me. John thought I needed to paint Turner chocolate, so on the 1st practice shirt I did and when it came time to wash it the paint ruined the shirt! Oh well!

Friday, January 16, 2009

We've gone to the dogs!

I can't believe it's already Friday. Where does all the time go? Last night, our adoption agency had an open house to show off their new office space. So Turner and I loaded up and went to Grandma & Grandpa's to play a little before we all went to the open house party. It was so nice to get to meet some more adoptive families and see a few people that were in our class that have recently adopted too. I could say it a million times and it would still not explain how awesome our adoption agency is and even more amazing are the women who work there. They make us feel like family and truly love John, Turner, and I. We always look forward to seeing them!
Turner and I have been pretty lazy this week. I joke that it's been pj and sweat pant week at the Satterfield house! Lexus and Mercy are still in love and very protective with their little brother . They follow me and Turner everywhere around the house. I've managed to capture a few pictures of them with Turner. He's starting to laugh when they come up to him which is too sweet!
Turner's "bumbo workout" as John calls it
Turner likes sweat pant day too!
Turner hanging out in his bumbo while mommy was trying to do yoga yesterday. I think he got a little bored
Turner loves his seal mobile and his horse pillow. THANK YOU Grandma Rose for his horse pillow, he can't sleep without snuggling to it
I'm saying cheese mommy, now hurry and take the picture!

Morning play time
Lexus loves to sit on the chair with Turner when I take pictures...I think she likes the spot light too

Lexus, what are you doing in my chair?

Lexus and Mercy making sure Turner doesn't get away

Monday, January 12, 2009

Like Father....Like Son....

Had another amazing weekend! John watched Turner most of Saturday so I could take down all of my Christmas's amazing how much FUN it is to put it all up, but not NEARLY as enjoyable to take it all down! But it's nice to have our house "back to normal". Although this morning when Turner and I were sitting in the chair that's in the middle of the living room...Turner's little head went back and forth to the corners of the room...see from that very spot he could see both the Christmas wreath over our mantle and our big Christmas tree...both adorned with lots and lots of lights! It made me feel a little guilty for taking them down because he enjoyed looking at them mommy went and got the 10 Christmas lights book to read to just wasn't the same, but made me feel a little less guilty!

A few weeks back Johnny & Judy brought over one of John's baby outfits and I have been dying to put Turner in today I got Turner all dressed up in his papa's outfit and took several pictures that I think turned out pretty darn cute but you be the judge!

I was trying to be a little "creative" with my photography!

I'm so glad I didn't wait much longer to put Turner in this outfit with as fast as he's growing it wouldn't fit much longer!

So serious....Nothing is more precious than a baby's innocent grin

Not only is Turner fascinated with his hands but also his feet. I'm so glad I was able to capture this picture

So on Thursday, I met 2 of my best friends, Katie and Ashley, for lunch at Saturn Grill. I have to say we were THAT table. 3 kids all under 2 and at one time they were all crying! It was too funny but it was so much fun to have a little "adult" time! I am incredibly blessed to have such wonderful friends who I share life with

Turner's silly grin before church! He fought TAKING a nap ALL DAY long fact the only real nap time was during Pastor Clark's sermon..what is it about preachers and falling to sleep! HA, HA

Turner's sad face and then.......

Saturday's melt down...

Turner and Mommy before our Journey small group last night! We have the most amazing small group that adores Turner and have been such a blessing in our spiritual walk.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Say Cheese!!

Lolly and Pops gave us a new camera for Christmas and I'm having so much fun taking pictures. It takes 3 pictures per second so I can really capture Turner's precious little smile. Here are a few of my favorite "Say Cheese" pictures from yesterday and today. Enjoy
This is usually how we start out...Turner's not really "warmed up" to the camera just yet...
A half smile in his new camo gear..doesn't he look like he's doing a karate punch! Look out Karate Kid, you've got some competition now.
Who needs a paci when you've got yummy fingers!
A practice grin....
Not wanting to show his gums
Now we're laughing and having fun!
Can you see my tongue?
Cheese, mommy!!!!!!!