Sunday, April 24, 2011


What a fun and extra special Easter weekend we had! We went to Easter service on Saturday night then had a yummy dinner afterwards. We were blessed to celebrate Easter this year with Turner's birth mom, brother and sister! It was something I have dreamed about and was better in real life than I could have imagined.

All dressed up for Easter
Charlene, Jordan, Trinity and Turner~At one point at the beginning of the service, John & I couldn't hold back the was incredible to be worshiping our risen savor with Charlene. We are so blessed to have the bond we have with her and her kids~ I couldn't imagine it any other way.

Pretty in Pink

My handsome little man

Sweet little Trinity aka our Easter Bunny

Jordan taking a break from hunting eggs to poise for a picture

On Friday afternoon, we went to visit my sister's 4th grade class. Aunt CC had planned a big pep rally for the entire school to get the kids pumped up for the state testing next week! It was so much fun and we are so proud of all that she does to make a lasting impression on her students!

Enjoying a hug from Aunt CC and a root beer float!

Aunt CC's crazy class!

Say cheese!

We even got to see Uncle E

This little boy cracks me up! When he's all dressed up and looking sharp he NEVER wants his picture taken...but in the morning with stinky breath, messed up hair and pj's on...he's all about it!

Yes notice that sissy is in her bouncy seat - he wants to be right where she is :)

Another pic of Lydia on her Gotcha Day -I couldn't resist posting

I love this picture!!!

When I was 3 years old (1980) my Grandma Rose gave me this little doll and I named it Lydia after my great grandmother....after all these years, my mom kept it and gave it to Lydia for Christmas. Is it a coincidence I was given a brown baby and named her Lydia over 30 years ago or did God already know I'd be blessed with a baby just like this...I think he was already planting seeds :)

Turner is really loving being a big brother! He wants to help with everything...including feeding "Idia"

And Lydia is such a good sport to let her brother feed her....he makes a big mess but it's nothing that a wet wipe can't clean up!

Well ABSOLUTELY AMAZING would sum up our weekend! While we missed being with Lolly, Pops, Grandma Judy and Aunt CC for Easter, we wouldn't trade our weekend with Charlene and the kids for anything. It's one of those precious memories we will cherish for years to come and hope we can make it a family tradition!

Monday, April 18, 2011

It's official-Lydia is a SATTERFIELD

Well today was Lydia's Gotcha Day! Oh how we have waited for this day that it becomes 100% official that Lydia is a Satterfiedl! We were blessed the 6 month waiting period was waived and we got to finalize a month early! Even though we knew nothing would change, it's so nice to have this special day behind us! We can all breath a little easier now :)

One HAPPY & BLESSED family! Look at that grin on Turner's face! On the way to the court house, Turner kept yelling YEAH!! And raising his hands in the air! Even at 2 1/2, he knew today was an extra special day!
Standing before the judge, awaiting the final decree of adoption! We loved that Deidre, from Deaconess, was there as well to witness our special day! She is like family

~Just us girls~

Our attorney, Kevin, has a huge heart for adoption as he's adopted 2 of his children!
It's official! Judge Welch was so nice and super sweet to take pictures with us
All the people that made this adoption possible!
Turner was such a little champ sitting so quietly in the court room
We were so glad Mema got to come to Lydia's Gotcha Day!
I think she's a keeper!
Anxiously waiting to go to the court room!
The dress Lydia wore today belonged to our dear friends, Doug & CiCi. Over 20 years ago, CiCi bought this dress in hopes that some day she too would have a little baby girl. Well God blessed them with 2 handsome boys, both thru adoption. But for some reason, CiCi kept this dress after all these years. When our small group had a baby shower for us, CiCi gave Lydia the dress she had bought-she was just waiting for the right baby to give it to!
After a fun filled day at court- we all enjoyed the zoo! Sissy's 1st trip
It was so hot at the zoo - Turner thought he needed both him and daddy's sippy cups!
Proud daddy

One proud mommy~

This message was on a card given to us by friends and it wraps up how I feel-

Raising your own princess beats any fairy tale.

A lot of great big people can be wrapped around one tiny finger.

A toothless smile can light up the world like instant sunshine.

Watching her sleep is more satisfying than finding sleep yourself

And most of all....there is no greater joy than having a little girl to love!

Sweet Lydia- what a journey it's been~we wouldn't want it any other way! We love you little girl and are so blessed we are your forever mommy & daddy

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for so many things right now-I can hardly contain myself! Just had to share a few.....

Thankful that God chose us to be this little angels forever parents! We go to court Monday to officially make Lydia a Satterfield!!! Thankful for yummy smoothies that are packed with lots of fruit and veggies since Turner isn't a fan of "green healthy" stuff
Thankful for Grandma Rose and her sweet hands
Thankful for healthy teeth and an adorable grin:)
Extremely Thankful that my kids get to love on their Grandma Rose
Thankful for hand me down clothes from great friends!
Thankful that sissy is finally eating rice cereal and loving it!
Beyond thankful that I married not only my best friend but an amazing father to our 2 love bugs..who by the way has been playing Mr. Mom for the past 3 weeks while I've been in and out of town for work!
Thankful for "Mr. Hotstuff" & his new Cars underoos- he is about ready for potty training...he tells us when he has "pooped in my biaper" and he occasionally likes to pee pee on the potty.
Thankful for big bows~
Thankful for sweet moments with Turner- he is such a little ham and has a contagious laugh!
Thankful for the love between Turner and Lydia
and last but not least- Thankful for cookies~ especially when Turner is my assistant in the kitchen!