Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jordan, Lorax, chocolate cake, tree climbing, finger painting, playing in the dirt, spider man jammies, & Jesus' Church = AWESOME WEEKEND!

Warning...lots and lots of pictures! I just couldn't narrow them all down! What a lovely weekend we had filled with yummy cakes, fun art projects, soaking up the sun and lots of giggles with the kiddos and Jordan! We did manage to go to Lorax but other than that- we just played at home!

3 little love bugs!
Turner & Jordan made a picture for "C" She LOVED it! It's hard to believe that Turner's hand (the yellow one) is almost as big as Jordan's (the blue one) I think we have a basketball player on our hands

Jordan made a special picture for his mommy- the heart represents love, the x's represent kisses and the circles represent hugs! Isn't he just the most precious thing ever! He has such a big heart!

Sis all dressed up for "Jesus' Church" as Turner calls it!

John baked a chocolate cake with fudge frosting and sprinkles! Turner wasn't sure what to think about licking the beaters!

Jordan on the other hand was a pro! Grams would be so thrilled

Turner even got to break an egg~ Our daddy rocks~ he was so patient with the boys and truly let them do everything!

Artists hard at work

We spent 75% of the time outside-this weather is CRAZY GOOD!

Such a hunk a hunk a!

Climbing trees is so much fun!

Lydia loves to watch her brothers play!

Such silly boys :)

Someone is getting some Jordan love

I have a slight obsession with buying the boys pj's especially if they are matching!

I think he ADORES his Jordan

Sis has decided that playing in the dirt is her new favorite past time- who cares about all those toys outside! All you need is a little dead grass and dirt and you've got it made

My sweetie pie! This week at school they celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday by painting cat whiskers on their face! He didn't want to wash it off come bed time!

As the pictures reveal- we were blessed with yet another wonderful weekend with Jordan. We certainly love having him over! He adds so much joy & laughter to our family!

Friday, March 2, 2012

~Summer lovin~

It's hard to believe that it's March and we've spent the last week playing outside! Although sis LOVES to be outside, she also loves her blocks! She gets a kick out of building a "castle" then knocking it down!
Seriously short sleeve shirts in Feb/March!

Eating grass is Lydia's new favorite "snack"

Our little monkey! His teacher Mr. Matt told me yesterday he won the longest hold on the monkey bars: 42 seconds

Peek a boo!

She is our little ray of sunshine!

Lolly & Pops came down last weekend for some fun & a belated birthday celebration for PopsCheering for Pops when singing Happy Birthday

Fun Fact: Did you know that Spider Man likes oranges :)

This past week was Turner's turn to bring snacks at school- so we made cupcake ice cream cones! A bit messy but super fun and easy

Jordan is coming to spend the weekend with us so I'm excited to share lots and lots of fun pictures next week!