Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Daddy's All Star

This post is for my sweet husband, best friend, and the world's greatest papa! John had to go San Antonio for the entire week so I promised to keep him updated with lots and lots of pictures! Yesterday, we bundled in our warmest clothes and had planned to take John to the airport, but after braving I- 35 and only going 5 miles in nearly an hour, we decided we better turn back around and head to Norman. Poor John got to the airport, boarded the plane, only to sit on the run way for 4 hours waiting for the de-icer trucks. We were secretly hoping they would take him back to the terminal so he could come home and snuggle by the fire with us! Thankfully he made it to San Antonio at 10:00 last night.
John, we love you and already miss you!

Daddy's All Star
Turner was all bundled up ready to take papa to the airport!
Turner watching the OSU basketball game last night....he loves the bright lights...now
only if we had won!Taking a little siesta after breakfast this morning!
Turner enjoying the snow in his bumbo
Turner's 1st winter ice storm!
Don't those eyes say, "Hurry home papa"
We love you John.... Thursday can't get here quick enough!


Molly said...

First, I am still incredibly jealous of that hair! So, next time you see Sadie in person...make a big deal about her new 4 hairs, okay!

Second, holy cow...my heart just skips a beat when I see those big brown eyes and those lips! For sure, we are going to have to arrange a marriage between these two! That is if Blake ever lets her date! He's becoming that dad that a smidge overprotective!

Sad that John'g gone, but if it means more pictures...then I am okay with it!

Aunt CC said...

Love you guys and PLEASE stay inside...No driving cars without John!!!!! I mean it Chass. Keep warm Baby Turner:) Love yall

Lollynpops said...

Next year at this time Turner Mama can take you out and you can walk in the snow, won't that be fun! But for now, you stay warm with Mama. You are such a beautiful baby. Lolly loves you!

Kelley said...

I love the pictures! Hope you had another good night of sleep last night! I can't wait to see you guys!