Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hustle & Bustle

This holiday season, I have really challenged myself not to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, but to "be still" and enjoy the true meaning of Christmas. I must admit, at times it has been tough, but it has been so nice just sitting at home with the best Christmas gift of all, baby Turner, and being his mommy! John & I were visiting last night, and oh how I remember Christmas being so bitter sweet last year. Both of our hearts longed for a child....but as Garth Brooks sings, thank God for unanswered prayers... At the time, we didn't know what God's plan for our family looked like, but we trusted God would be faithful. Was he faithful or what?
I have no doubt, God hand picked Turner's birthmom for us. A little over a year ago, she was in California, at work, on her computer, and a pop up screen appeared offering incentives for people to move to Oklahoma....so that's exactly what she did. Isn't it amazing how God's love watches over each of us and protects us. She packed her bags and headed to Oklahoma knowing no one. On our last visit, she shared with us that God was the only friend she had when she moved here and she relied on him every single day to make it to the next day. Thank you God for being faithful, and protecting and sending Turner's birthmom to us!

Turner smiles ALL THE TIME!
Turner has really started enjoying his monkey activity gym the last few weeks. He loves having tummy time on it and I bet he'll be rolling over within the next few weeks.
We will get to see Turner's b-mom this Saturday. She is a HUGE UCLA football fan, so earlier on I found some cozy pj's that were UCLA colors that I thought she'd enjoy. But with these blistering cold temperatures, it was really on my heart to buy her a warm coat, some mittens, and a scarf. So Turner and I bundled up and headed to TJ Maxx and found her the perfect gift. It is such a blessing shopping for her. Actually, I think I got more excited shopping for her than anyone else in our family! We are really looking forward to spending some quality time with her on Saturday. She is going to be so surprised at how big Turner has gotten!

Do you think he's posing OR WHAT? I think we're going to have a "show off" on our hands!

Turner's in the 75% on height for his age...he's going to be a big tall boy!
Hope everyone is having a blessed week!


Molly said...

I love it! Every bit of it! I love the part about being still for Christmas, our kids deserve it! And we have a wonderful excuse to miss things...these sweet babies!

We got to see Mommy G last week and it was such a neat time! I too enjoy shopping and coming up with ideas for gifts for them. Although at the same time I know there is no way I can ever give them something as cool as they gave us!

Aunt CC said...

Well I've been missing you Turner...but for a good reason! I think it's great you and your parents take some time for yourselves! Have a fun day on Sat.; I'll be praying for a the Satterfield Family and the birth-mom ; I know she will be so proud of all of you! There couldn't be any better parents than yours Turner:) Keep smiling and see you soon... I need some Turner lovin!!!
Love ya
Aunt CC

Laura said...

Oh what an adorable smile! LOVE the pics...

And I love hearing about your birth mom and how God worked out even the smallest details to bring your families together....

Have a wonderful Christmas!