Thursday, March 12, 2009

A week in pictures

Another week has managed to fly by! Turner attended his 1st round of basket ball games last Friday and Saturday. Friday night we cheered on PC West and then Saturday cheered for our cousin's 6 grade basketball game in OKC. We got to see Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Georgia & Uncle Charles and Turner finally got to meet his cousins: Jeff, Kristen, Garrett, & Blanton. Turner loved all the loud music, clapping and screaming fans!

This week Turner started "big boy" daycare at Kathy's. She is a precious little lady who keeps a few kids at her house less than 2 miles from our home and on my way to work! Was God's hand in that or what? I was a little nervous because Turner LOVED Alisa and Lindsay (and so did I) but he has adjusted like a champ. He absolutely loves the kids at Kathy's...there are 5 of them with ages ranging from 2 years to 5 years old. He especially loves her granddaughter, Emma, who comes over after Pre-K 3 times a week. She can certainly make him giggle! Kathy was so sweet to allow me to come over every day for lunch to love on my little angel and put him down for his nap.

Turner is constantly changing every single day. Each day, it seems as if he's doing something new....

Turner loves going on walks in the stroller...he takes it all in! I can't wait til the weather warms up so we can go to the zoo!

This week, he has really done a great job sitting up all by himself like a big boy. He's getting so strong. He still loves his bath time..and since he's more active, he gets a bath before bed time each night! And loves every minute of it.

He has started sucking on his toes...if it wasn't so cute, I'd get a little grossed out!

And he now LOVES cereal! I'll try to record him eating tonight and post in the near future...he's like a little piggy scarfing it all up and making a HUGE mess! It's hilarious.

Mommy playing dress up!

1st day at Kathy's

Turner loves board books...especially chewing on them. Nothing like the taste of good 'ole cardboard. (and yes, that is spit up)

He can even hold his bottle all by himself (mom-don't worry, I won't let him do it in his bed like the picture shows...I was just "staging" a picture)

We got a nice surprise call from Lolly & Pops last night that they are going to come see us on Saturday & Sunday! We can hardly wait.


Molly said...

Owen says, "He's got curly hair like me! He is SO cute!" No lie, that's what he just said.

And I couldn't agree more! That pic of him in the green shirt, he looks so big and long. His feet look huge in that stroller pic with the green socks!

What a cutie! I miss him already. Glad to hear you all are doing well!

Lollynpops said...

Turner, I just knew that you would love all the little kids at Ms. Kathys house and I know that they love you also. You are growing way to fast for Lolly, I can't wait till Saturday. Love you, Lolly

Deonne said...

How sweet! I think Emmerson was 5 months when she sucked her toes too! I'm so glad you have this blog so I can watch Turner grow and develop...we miss too much living so far apart! Have fun with Lolly and Pops this weekend!
Love you!

Aunt CC said...

Love the new post.. I started to wonder if you were alive Chass! Cant wait to spend the next few days with all of you so I too can capture those precious moments as well! Love yall

Katie M said...

Oh is it that you're growing up so quickly?! What a handsome young man you are - and your personality makes you the complete package!! You are the perfect little guy for your mommy and papa! Please tell your Mom how much I miss her and that Carter is dying to see you again soon!! Love you, little man!!!