Tuesday, August 4, 2009

While Aunt CC was in town, I.....

.....got a MOHAWK! Papa didn't like it very much but mommy & Aunt CC thought it was adorable. Aunt CC was shocked at how still I was when she was fixing my hair...guess I'm use to mommy playing with my hair all the time!
....found Mercy & Lexus' dog cage!

....was a good boy for Aunt CC...how can she say no to a face like this

...played, played, and played some more

...got to drink Coke Zero (not really) I just loved the cold can!

....had a very, very snotty nose. Aunt CC was so sweet to take me to my doctor on Thursday after mommy left. We waited over an hour in the waiting room to only see the doctor for fewer than 5 minutes!

...let Lexus give me lots of wet kisses

....MOHAWK picture #2

...gave Aunt CC lots and lots of sugars!

Thank you Aunt CC for coming and playing with me while my mommy was gone. It made her being away a little better!


Lollynpops said...

Lolly agrees with Papa, and what is up with the snot!!!! Aunt CC what were you thinking....Turner you have one Aunt that is totally in love with you, you both are so lucky. Can't wait to see all of you this weekend. Love you, Lolly

Aunt CC said...

I had so much fun this past week with you Turner and yes I love the new haid do too:) And to all the people who think it is easy taking an infant to the doctors office...I was in pain for him when they checked his little ears...Turner didnt really like it a bit! But the snot pic was for his mommy to see...I PROMISE it was not like that all of the time---I love you Turner and thank you Chass and John for trusting me with your little man

Love ya
Aunt CC

Jamie said...

SOOOO cute!! I love the mohawk! I'm sorry you were sick Sweet Turner!

Molly said...

Ha, what's it with these daddies not liking a fun hair do? I thought Owen and Turner can both rock a mohawk pretty good!

Man that little guy just keeps getting cuter and cuter just when I think there's no possible way. Missing you guys!

Ashley said...

Looks like Aunt CC spoiled him good while Mommy was away!! So fun! I like the mohawk but wow doesn't it make him look like such a big boy!! He is precious!

Julie G. Laperouse said...

Annie Grace and I dig the do! Unfortunately, right now AG is rocking a bit of a mullet, but hopefully we'll grow out of that soon! We also love the sweet outfit and book you sent. Thanks so much!