Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween take 2!

Here is Halloween outfit #2 since we lost all of the Chef "accessories" at the zoo! Thanks to Aunt CC for coming up with this clever, quick, and cheap idea!
Introducing Turner the HOBO

Nothing like a little candy corn "See Food"

Yesterday we had our last Dr appoint with "K" and a week from today our little angel will be here. We induce bright an early next Tuesday morning in Tulsa. Please say prayers for K, baby, and all of the family that we all have peace and feel God's presence.
I am having all kinds of emotions right now. Yes I am thrilled and so anxious to meet our little girl, but my heart is breaking for "K"....more so than ever before.....I keep going back to the day we returned Braxton to "M" and oh how my heart ached more than words could describe even though I knew it was part of God's master plan...and I know those feelings are what "K" will be experiencing soon...I wish I could take the hurt away from her...so please say special prayers on her behalf that God fills her heart with peace.
My sweet friend Candy, who knows my decorating taste too good, sent me a link to a blog and I fell in love with the above idea and decided to copy it! The frame is from my mom's childhood barn window, the yellow dress was mine, the bibs John's mother gave us, the doll blanket was made by my great grandmother as well as the pillow case. The handkerchief was made by John's great grandmother, and the doily was given to me by my Aunt Lora and my great aunt made it.


mckenziegordon said...

Love the decorating idea! How precious for a baby girl! We will be praying for all involved!!! Adoption is the happiest ans saddest thing I've ever experienced. Can't wait to see pictures!!!

atonsing said...

Wow Chass - Big prayers go out to you, your family, K, Baby Girl and everyone else involved! Can't wait to see pictures. Side note: Turner is one adorable hobo!! :)

Aunt CC said...

LOVE It Chass Youare amazing, not to mention what a blessing you are to Turner and soon another child! Uncle E and I will continue to pray for k..we love you and are soooo excited too

Molly said...

Praying for you all sweet friend. You have no idea how many people are praying for everyone involved here. Know that my fam in Tulsa would love to help out in anyway possible, so just text and let us know what you need. Or what your family needs. And, you are right...it feels different when you've experienced that loss yourself and to have watched C go through it too. Oh how adoption stretches and changes you!!!

Brantley Family said...

Turner is such a cutie, as always!
You, your family, "C", and "C"s family will be in our prayers in the upcoming days and weeks to follow! Peace be with you all..

Ashley L said...

Love the new decorations!! So special. Praying for all of you, especially K. Can't wait to meet your precious baby girl! Love you!

Aubrey said...

I missed the announcement! Congratulations on a baby girl!! Praying for you all!!! What an exciting time!! Love the family heirlooms as decorations!! Precious!

brandielisa said...

Hi. My husband and I used to live in Perryton. We knew your mom and dad well. We lived in Houston after moving from Perryton and I stumbled upon your blog through a friend of a friend of a friend. Very small world. I've been keeping up with your blog for a while now. We adopted our son while we lived in Perryton. Your parents have met him before. His name is Spencer. We have a fully open adoption with his birth mom and he has siblings that we have a relationship with too. It's nice to read someone's blog that has an open adoption. I'm very excited for your family and this second child. Praying for you tomorrow that everything goes great. I'm sure Kevin and Dianne are ecstatic. Please tell them we said hi!

Brandi Ghanbarpour

Anonymous said...

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