Monday, August 2, 2010

Busy, Busy, "Bee Bugs"

I seriously thought after June was over, things would slow down...but oh how I was mistaken! Don't get me wrong...we love being busy...especially when it involves spending time with our precious families! Last week I was in Memphis for almost an entire week and had such a wonderful time with all my co-workers across the country! Although I missed my boys terribly, it's such an awesome feeling to absolutely LOVE working for a place that gives so much hope to some of the worlds sickest kids.

Then the week before that, was the Satterfield family week! All of John's brothers were in town and we made some fantastic memories and had tons of good laughs. We had family pictures made...hadn't done that in nearly 4 years! They turned out wonderful! I am so blessed to have married into such a strong Christian family who I love beyond words. The week flew by too fast, but we packed in a lot of fun in a few short days!

On Thursday we all went to the Omniplex...that morning Charlene called and said her and Jordan were going to the we made a quick stop at the zoo to say hi!

Tomorrow Charlene is going to be induced at 7:00 sweet Jordan is going to be staying with us over the next few days and we are so excited! He is such a little doll...every time we see him, he brings Turner one of his favorite toys...such a big heart for such a little guy. Charlene asked John & I if we'd be Trinity's God parents....WOW talk about a moment that takes your breathe away!

This weekend, Turner experienced his 1st of many "lake" days! He was a champ...slept 75% of the time and even rode the tube with mommy and Aunt CC. Mommy however was not so lucky, at the end of the day, I had a huge black eye! 1st one ever...and my body is ever so kindly remindig me I'm no longer 18 years old!

We love the zoo!

Check out all those pearly whites~

Nothing says summer like Ice cream....

and the pool!

and a slide....

and slip and slide fun!!

Who would have thought that a $10 slip and slide would provide so much fun!

This was too funny and just proves how smart a 22 month old can John was putting away cups in the top cabinet and needed the step ladder....Turner disappeared for a few short moments...and wah lah...came back with his own step ladder to help daddy!

A cookout with cousins and the "big" table!

Turner is in the "train" phase...he loves loves loves trains! And the one at the Omniplex is his favorite

He is certainly all boy...trains, tractors, race cars!

While sis and I made a mad dash to Amarillo for mom's surgery, the Satterfield family spent the day at Kelley, Heath, and Reese's house! They had so much fun running and playing in the sprinklers in their big back yard! I think Turner's smile says it all! Him and Reese are good buddies!
Thank you Johnny & Judy for hosting such a special week! Love you with all my heart!


Aunt CC said...

i love this was way too long to see what the Satterfield family has been up to! I love the time at the lake and YIKES wasnt there a better pic of us? or is that the dead fish look? LOL. Eric and I love spending time with yall and cant wait to spend a few days with you guys in a week! Chass, you and John are awesome parents and such great role models of what marriage is all about...I"m so lucky to see through you guys and our family what "true love" is and can spend time with amazing individuals! Thank you for showing me the greatest gift of all...the one God blessed you with...LOVE :) I love you!

Ashley L said...

Love the update and new pictures!! You all have had a fun summer!!!

atonsing said...

Love the pictures of Turner in the pool - he looks so determined when getting ready to slide. So CUTE!!! I love reading your blog :) By the way I'm also obsessed with Brittany Stover Photography and am seriously considering driving to OK for Jack's 1 year pics next spring! Have you had any new ones taken with her since Turner's 1 year pics?