Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a blast going to Perryton for Easter.  It was just the right medicine! 
 Before we headed to Texas Jordan got to spend a few days with us
 We were so excited that Grandma Judy came with us- she made the trip extra special! 
 Turner loves to tell people about Easter.  It's amazing how much he understands.  Wish I would have recorded it but in a nutshell, he says:
"Easter is about Jesus dying on a tree, then coming back alive with human blood.  And now Jesus lives in Heaven and in our heart."  
 I pray he always knows Jesus is in his heart
 This is a little out of order, but on Saturday we went to the land in Oklahoma and shot hand guns and rifles. 
I'm certain this isn't a proper "stance' but oh well...not too shabby for my 1st time to shoot guns EVER.  I'm actually looking forward to our next trip out west to go shooting again :)
 Aunt Rindy & Aunt CC put on one GIGANTIC Easter egg hunt....I swear there were over 300 eggs filled with pennies and candy! 
 Lydia was so intrigued by the eggs.  She would shake each egg to make sure there were "goodies" inside!
 This was no ordinary Easter egg hunt...there were some serious egg hiding going on in Mema's back yard! 
 Sis wasn't too excited on Easter morning...but this pitiful frown quickly turned into a gorgeous smile!
 One proud mommy!
 He's a pro at finding the "hard to find" eggs
 We love our grandma & Lolly!
 And we are crazy about Aunt CC & E
 Sis was refusing to smile outside
 but was all smiles inside!
Oh how I adore this little angel
 She is such a little ham
 She certainly knows how to work the she told me she wasn't ready to smile
 warming up that smile
and ta da: A gorgeous smile that lights up a room and melts my heart!!

We had a glorious weekend celebrating the life, death, and Resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I am so unworthy of his grace but so thankful he loves me!!

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