Friday, February 1, 2013

I set my hope on you!

This is such sweet music to my ears!  I pray Turner always sets his hope on the Lord

It's been really special to see Turner developing compassion and understanding for those who are in need.  During the holidays we picked several kids to sponsor.....and this year I took Turner  shopping with me.  He absolutely had a blast picking out toys and clothes for his "friends"!  And  I was super duper proud of him.  On several occasions he told people in the store that he was giving presents to kids who didn't get any and showing them that Jesus loves them too! 

Well today we met up with a sweet friend who is fostering a 4 year old.  I told Turner the boy was only staying there for a little while and I'm sure he would like to have some toys to play with since his foster moms' kids are older.  Turner immediately ran back to his bedroom and started going thru his toys....and he picked some of his favorites to give away...then at the end he pointed to HIS FAVORITE Toy Story backpack and said is the sweetest voice, "Mommy I think Caleb would like this back pack too, we can put all these cool toys in it!"  Talk about a tears swelling in my eyes.  I've never been more proud of him and his generous heart.  I pray he continues to embrace these qualities and is always willing to show others the love of Jesus Christ! 

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mckenziegordon said...

What a sweet boy! He's following your example sweet Momma! Good job!!