Tuesday, December 13, 2011

If I don't blog about the funny answers Turner gives to our monthly "interviews" I'm afraid I'll forget them! He is so stinkin funny these days

Favorite Food: "peanut jelly sandwiches, frozen strawberries, nilla ice cream, and pickles!"

Who is your friend: "well you momma" He has started calling me momma vs mommy lately and I LOVE IT!

What is your favorite song: "Jesus Loves Me" and then adds- "he loves you too mommy"

Whose birthday is on Christmas: "Jesus"

Favorite Book: "Bear in Underwear"

What are you thankful for : "Jesus"

Who is your Best friend: "Mommy & Jordan" then pauses...and continues"daddy & idia"

Favorite toy: "Football"

What do you like to do with Daddy? "Bake cookies with him, it makes me feel better."

Favorite color: "Green"

What makes you excited : "My new belly button mommy-it's AWESOME!"
Favorite movie: "Cars & Star Wars"

What do you love about sissy? "She plays with my toys and we have fun"

The floors creek and he stops the questioning and says...."ssshhhh mommy, listen it's ghost." I give him a funny look and he replies, "I know mommy, ghosts not real, big foot not real, and big bad wolf not real."

What's your favorite thing to wear: "My hats"

What makes you laugh: "When Lydia toots"

Turner is growing up to be such a sweet little boy- he's wild one minute then comes and gives me the biggest bear hug. He loves saying "I wuv you so very much mommy," "God bless you" when some one sneezes, and loves to play with Lydia's hair. We are beyond thankful for this little guy!


mckenziegordon said...

Oh that boy makes me smile!!! Hope we get to see you guys soon!

Allison Tonsing said...

Oh my goodness!!! "What is your favorite song: "Jesus Loves Me" and then adds- "he loves you too mommy"" That just melts my heart Chassidy!! Boys are just the sweetest especially to their mommas.