Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Best birthday gift EVER/Christmas Part 1!

Since we have been blessed by adoption, it has been a dream of mine to have our birth families spend a holiday with us. Turner's b-mom and siblings spent last Easter with us and this year Lydia's birth family got to be with us for an ENTIRE WEEKEND!! Talk about a HUGE blessing....I get teary eyed just reflecting back on it!

As you can imagine I took tons & tons of pictures- in fact, after work today I'm going to Target to make each family a scrap book of our 1st Christmas together!

We plan to make this a tradition every year! The entire gang!

Getting 7 kids to look at the camera is nearly impossible and for all to smile is not an option!!!

Having K and her kids with us was more than I ever imagined it would be. I would catch myself tearing up over the weekend watching the kids love on Lydia. K is the most amazing women I have ever met- she's had a very tough life but doesn't let it get her down. She has raised 5 incredible kids and is going to college to get her accounting degree. We couldn't be more proud of her and can't wait for the day we get to stand up and cheer as she walks across the stage at graduation.

Is this adorable or what!!

On Saturday, John fixed a huge breakfast then us girls were off to get pedicures! After naps, we got ready and headed to our Church's Christmas Service-which was INCREDIBLE

I heard all the kids giggling in Lydia's room...and this is what I find~ they adore their sister and she adores them! They would follow her around the house then she would turn around and follow them! It was so cute!

Bath time was of course a high light of the weekend too! Not sure my bathroom will ever dry out, but it was totally worth it!

And Turner LOVED having the "big kids" over! Ka'lina was his favorite-they are 1 week apart and he loves her hair! He kept telling her it was beautiful! I have to brag on my little Turner bears-he was a perfect angel this weekend- never once fussed over sharing his toys or sharing his sissy or our attention! I was so proud of him!

This was a dream come true! A living room full of kids, lots of giggles, excitement to open presents, and many sweet memories made!

I encourage all my adoptive friends- if you have toyed with this idea- DO IT!!!

Yes I was dog tired after the weekend and ended up getting strep throat- but it was totally worth it! The blessings are amazing! I can't wait to have a "summer camp" with every one this summer!


Allison Tonsing said...

Amazing & thanks for sharing!! I hope you don't mind but I forwarded this to my bestie who has also adopted :) This totally encompasses the reason for the season & celebrating with family!

Tisha said...

This is incredibally encouraging! I adopted my baby girl last year and have wondered what it would be like inviting her birthmom to our home. Your love is overflowing. More stories like this need to be heard. Thanks for sharing!

Molly said...

Yep yep yep! I so wish that people could hear more stories like this!!! NOT THE HORROR STORIES that rarely happen. Open adoption is full of nothing but LOVE. I adore you friend and I love how you live life so fearlessly, loving just as Jesus asked us to. Miss you!

P&J Mommy said...

Sooo beautiful!! We have an open adoption too....I get so much unsolicited advice about how it isn't "good" for our son...and he will be "confused". Your pictures bring tears to my eyes...thanks for sharing!!!