Tuesday, October 5, 2010

T is for Two~ Turner is Two!

It's hard to believe that 2 years ago today we held our little angel for the 1st time-oh how it seems like it was just yesterday we fell in love with both him and "C"~ Happy Birthday Turner Bears! We are so blessed, you are such a little love bug!

I "interviewed" Turner last night as we were playing outside...this will give you a little peep into Turner's favorite things at age 2.

Mommy: What is your name?

Turner: Nurnur (aka Turner)

Mommy: How old are you?

Turner: Two- proudly holding up 5 fingers

Mommy: Who do you love?

Turner: Milk please

Mommy: I'll get you milk when we go inside, tell mommy who you love

Turner: Mercy

Mommy:What would you like to eat?

Turner: Nak peeze (aka Snack please)

Mommy: It's time to eat dinner, we can't have a snack right now, what do you want for dinner?

Turner: Pizza, Pizza-jumping up and down and turning circles

Mommy: What book do you like

Turner: Brown Bur (aka Brown Bear)

Mommy: Can I get a kiss

Turner: roar....then kisses me all over like a "kissy monster"

Turner had a Bug Backyard Birthday Bash on Saturday to celebrate turning 2. Here are some highlights from the party

No party is complete without lots and lots of friends!! Vivi and Addie looked at me crazy when I gave them their bug houses and said "Lets go hunt bugs" Thank goodness we had pretty pink plastic bugs hidden in the back yard!

All of Turner's friends from Ms. Kathys came except for sweet Ms. Kathy~She had a class she had to take...so we took lots of pictures for her to enjoy:)

Are those not the sweetest little girls! Turner is no longer the baby at Ms. Kathys

No Bug Party is complete without Bug food...we had Ants on a log, spiders, and sandwiches

We were extra blessed Jordan got to spend the entire weekend and celebrate with us!

What's a party with out some adorable and yummy cupcakes!

Not only did Turner have friends at his party but mommy did too!! Some of my dearest friends~

I'm such a happy birthday boy!!!

Lolly even got a dainty lady bug painted on her face!!

Proud Lolly & Pops

Both of Turner's Great Grandmothers were able to celebrate another birthday with us!!

Aunt CC made these adorable bug head bands for all the kids to wear on their bug hunt!!

I heart my family!!!

Oh how I love the boys in my life~they make my life so wonderful and complete!

Turner you bring such joy into our lives. You are more than we could have ever imagined, guessed, or requested...you are PERFECT in every single way. You're all BOY who loves to be hugged, kissed, and tickled. You've got such a sweet spirit about you~I love your Eskimo kisses, your big hugs and pats on my back. You are so sweet to your sissy's- giving them your left overs and always putting blankets on them when it's cold. You've got a sparkle in your eye and a contagious laugh that makes our world go around. We love you to the moon and back and are so blessed God choose us for YOU.
~Happy Birthday Turner Cantrell Satterfield~
2 yr stats:
29 lbs (60%)
36 inches tall (90%)
50.5 cm head circ (90%)


Annie said...

Happy Birthday sweet Turner!

atonsing said...

The last paragraph is just the sweetest thing...it's amazing what children bring to our lives. Happy Birthday Turner!

mckenziegordon said...

He is so beautiful! I love his birthday outfit. That's so cute!!! Happy Birthday Turner!!!

Ashley L said...

Happy Birthday Turner!!! Thank you for letting us help you celebrate at your bug party! Vivi and Addie are still playing with bugs and talking all about how much fun it was!! We love you!!

Aunt CC said...

Happy Birthday Turner! I love you more than the stars

Aunt CC

Melodie said...

sweet boy! aren't the interviews FUN!? cute birthday theme and food. may have to steal that from you one of these years. :)

Deonne said...

What a fun party! These pictures AND the interview are priceless! Happy Birthday Turner!!