Monday, June 14, 2010

Peace fills my soul

It's hard to believe that a nearly a week has passed since our precious little Braxton came into this world. It's been such an amazing week with this little guy..he brings so much joy to our family. Please continue to lift up "M" in your prayers as her heart is aching. We pray she will have complete peace and feel God's presence like we have today and all the days ahead. John & I are so very thankful God brought her and her family into our lives....we will forever be blessed and never the same.

Braxton has beautiful blue eyes just like "M"

Turner has provided some much needed comical relief for us over the last few days...he decided it would be fun to get into the baby powder!

Me and my boys! This is such an incredible feeling!

Papa decided Turner needed a power drill and tools just like him...Turner was lovin it...goggles and all!

Pure sweetness

So Lexus decided to sleep under Braxton's bed to "protect" him..she did the same thing with Turner. Turner and Lolly thought it was pretty funny!

BFF already!
Such a good big brother! Turner loves to hold, burp, rock and feed Braxton.

Cousin Reese came by to visit and play with us on was adorable, her and Turner played follow the leader all around the house!

Pops and Turner waking up from nap time

Yes the matching outfits have begun!

Both of Turner's Great Grandma's

I love this one...just so peaceful...wonder what he's dreaming about


Anonymous said...

What a precious baby! Congratulations! We are praying for you guys.

Molly said...

Love this post. Love you sweet friend. You have such incredibly beautiful sons. Praying non-stop for your family!

Aunt CC said...

My smile got biggger and bigger reading and looking at the update:) YOu and John are so lucky to those little boys in your life! I know this week has been a bit tough, but God would never leave your side...let him have your worries. Love you sis and the whole Satterfiled family

Jessica said...

Beautiful, beautiful family! I just can't get over how amazing you guys look together. Turner looks like an AWESOME big brother! Is he protective? Does he like to kiss Braxton? I was amazed at how Colt took to Owen and just became a BROTHER from the beginning. He kisses and loves him and asks about him all.the.time.

I'm praying for M and your family. But just wanted to say how blessed you are and how happy I am for you!

And, yes, there is NOTHING more fun than matching outfits!!!!

Ashley L said...

Two Precious Boys!!!! We are still praying for all of you!!! Love you!

Laura said...

Oh what a sweet post! I just love brothers! Gosh, he is such a beautiful baby..and you are a beautiful mommy! One of my fav pics was of you and your boys! Made me smile...

And I loved the one of Turner and his goggles/tools! Too funny....

Bring on the matching outfits! I do it all of the time!

Love happy for you and I will keep praying for peace for all!

Deonne said...

Love all the pics! My favorite is of you and your boys! Beautiful! Thinking of you guys all the time and praying for your family. Love you!