Wednesday, April 14, 2010

18 months of pure joy!

I'm only 8 days over due on Turner's 18 month update! He's growing like a weed and each and every day he does something magical that makes his mommy and papa grin from ear to ear!
He weighs 25 lbs and 8 oz (50%)
He's 34 inches tall (90%) still long and lean!!
He has 16 teeth! 8 on top and 8 on bottom
His favorite foods are chicken, cheese, and fruit..lately he's been lovin' him some pears and strawberries. He is also a big fan of meat balls! He loves to sing and dance and is still my little snuggle bug. He is such a lover...he gives more slobbery kisses and hugs than I can count in a day. He love to blow kisses too! He's talking up a storm...and if I listen really hard, I can understand a lot of it. He loves to play chase with his sissies, jump like a frog, and stack blocks. He's still a little swimmer boy who, if I would let him, he'd spend hours in the bath tub. He's started turning the water on himself and taking his clothes off when I say it's bath time...he runs to the bathroom singing "Bath time, bath time, every boy loves bath time" It's adorable! He loves to sing Jesus Loves Me & Itsy bitsy spider too ....he does ALL the hand motions with that song!

We are almost done with his big boy room! John has worked his fanny off on this room...I'm so proud of him and how it turned out! Over the weekend, John & Turner fell asleep in his big boy room...I have to admit, that melted my heart! Thank you John for making this room so very special! You're an amazing honey and papa!! I am so blessed you put up with my "visions" and then you get stuck doing all the work!~ You ROCK!
John had painted all weekend on the room, but when Turner was napping we put all the animals and flowers on the wall...oh I wish I would have taken video of it when we showed him the walls...he ran in circles, screaming, jumping and put his sweet little hand on his face and smiled! I guess that means he is proud of his new room too!

Turner loves smelling all the "flowers" in our backyard! Especially when Pops is around...they go exploring!
His new favorite toy is his bubble making lawn mower! He's serious about yard work!
Soaking up the sun!! His skin is turning such a beautiful shade of brown!! He's got the permanent tan for sure! Makes his mommy jealous!
Think Chesapeake needs a baby model?
We've been spending lots and lots of time outside enjoying this gorgeous spring weather....Turner absolutely loves eating outside!
Special prayer request for my AMAZING, SUPER SWEET, WONDERFUL
father in law...his cancer has come back....He started his chemo yesterday. Grandpa we love you and pray you get better real soon!!!
That's it for this update! Have a great rest of the week and weekend!


Melodie said...

beautiful boy! aren't these boys so much fun!

Aunt CC said...

see you in a few days and the room is amazing, i loved seeing turner smile fro ear to ear on monday! hus and kisses from aunt cc

Jamie said...

praying for you all....I think chesapeake DEFINITELY needs a baby model....especially one that looks like turner!

Annie said...

Haha, Chesapeake would be lucky to have him!!! He's so stinkin adorable.