Monday, October 5, 2009

Hotdogs, a Hay Ride, & Hoe Down Fun!!!

Tomorrow is officially Turner's birthday but we had his birthday bash this Saturday...and boy was it a BASH! At one time we had 54 people with nearly 20 of those being kids!
Can we say CRAZY???
But we had a ball. The kids enjoyed a hayride (although the older kiddos thought it was boring because Pops was driving too slow), hot dogs and pumpkin painting.
Tomorrow we will be celebrating Turner's special day by spending it with "C". We are so excited to see her! Not only will we be celebrating Turner's birthday but rejoicing in how much she loves Turner .
Our little Pumpkin is ONE!
He seems to amaze us every single day. He is getting so independent but still loves to snuggle and give slobbery kisses. He talks all the time and looks at us like we should understand every single word...its adorable! He loves to climb on things and explore the back yard. He loves music and likes to "shake his booty"! I cannot believe this year has already flown by....Turner, you are forever the greatest gift from God and we are so humbled that he knew all along the plans for our family that included YOU, our little angel. We love you with all of our hearts!

Turner's new tri-cycle from Lolly & Pops! and the tent with 350 balls....Thanks Aunt CC!!

Turner sharing his wagon ride with Keagan. Thanks Grandma & Grandpa for the wagon. We can't wait to take it to the zoo!

Grandma Rose's new friend...little Miss Reese
Turner liked all the presents :)
All of Turner's friends

Miss Kathy came to Turner's birthday party and he was so happy to see her!!!

Yummy to my tummy!
Turner LOVED everyone singing happy birthday to him...he kept throwing his head back and would laugh and laugh until.....everyone started clapping at the end...and that startled him a bit and he started crying :) But that was quickly stopped by him tasting his yummy birthday cake

It's a family tradition that Grandma Rose makes all of our birthday cakes, and Turner was no exception. Once again, Grams made a delicious birthday cake for Turner. We were so blessed she got to spend Turner's special day with us. We love you Grams

Aunt Georgia & Uncle Charles came all the way from Tulsa to celebrate Turner's special day!

Grandma & Grandpa even enjoyed the Hay Ride
Papa and Turner had fun playing in the hay!

Turner and his sweet Aunt CC

Isn't this the greatest picture ever! Oh Turner how we love YOU!

Turner had the cutest Hayride EVER thanks to his creative Aunt CC...Thanks for making it extra special Aunt CC :)


Lollynpops said...

What a wonderful time we had. The party was a hit. Lots of food and fellowship. I can't believe that Turner is going to be 1 tomorrow. It has passed so quickly. I would have never thought being a Lolly could be so much fun. I have such love in my heart for Turner. I thank God for his birth Mother that loved him so much to give him to us to love. Turner we love you, Lolly

Laura said...

Happy Birthday sweet Turner! Gosh I can't believe he is one!

He is such a blessing!

Love you guys.....

Molly said...

It looked like so much fun! You are such an incredible mom Chassidy and I love hearing how this Turner has changed your life forever. May you continue to see through the blessing of Turner of God's deep and incredible love for YOU! That's an overwhelming thought, huh?

Happy birthday Turner! We love you!

Julie G. Laperouse said...

Oh my goodness! What an adorable birthday! Turner looks like such a big boy now. Congrats to all of you.

Brantley Family said...

What a great weekend and wonderful reason to celebrate!! Love the party idea and just seeing Grandma Rose cake brings back memories - yummy!!

Aunt CC said...

The party was a big hit and it had to be with such a special guy! God is good...I thank him daily for your family because he let me become an aunt! What a joy Turner is and I love him so much! You and JOhn are such great parents and I'm already thinking of next years party...what about a circus theme with elephant rides? (well grams and I thought it would be fun!)