Sunday, June 14, 2009

A wild start to the weekend!

We have had a wild weekend! Friday night, Aunt CC and Eric came to town before they headed to the NE for vacation. So John and I took the chance to have a date night since they were here to babysit. We enjoyed a nice evening at the Moore Theater and saw Star Trek. I am by no means a Sci Fi fan but the movie was actually pretty good. And even if it wasn't, we got to indulge in a large buttered popcorn and Dr. Pepper. YUMMY!
On our way home, I called sis to check in and she said it had been an interesting night. First, poor little Turner cried nearly the 1st hour we were gone, and then the dogs went crazy at the back door. So Eric went outside to see what was out there...and was caught off guard when he saw a 4 ft black rat snake on our back porch! So he grabbed the water hose to attempt to get it away from the house and into the woods, but Mr. Snakey didn't have the same idea in mind. Instead, he crawled up the wall and got inside our built in grill. YIKES! Well it was nearly 10:00 pm when we got back to our house and John didn't dare do anything about it since it was already dark and that's when snakes are most active. So in true Chassidy fashion, I threw a fit and barely slept any and even had a silly dream about the darn snake. Once we got to bed the tornado sirens went off and because it was pouring rain and hailing, we opted not to go outside in the cellar but rather pile into our closet! Which Turner thought was fun.
After all that excitement, we finally managed to go to bed nearly at midnight!
Bright and early Saturday morning before I took Crystal and Eric to the airport, John and Eric went snake hunting. No snake in grill or the bottom cabinet...they were about to walk away when Crystal said, "You guys need to check the upper cabinets too." THANK GOD she said that because the snake had managed to coil up on top of the electric pump I use to blow up Turner's swimming pool. I would have had one HUGE surprise if they didn't. Below is the picture of Mr. Snakey slithering out of the went back into the grill but thanks to my brave hubby, the snake is gone for good if you catch my drift.
Yes John has some serious bed head. See Mr. Snakey on the far right ....
Saturday afternoon, we were blessed to speak at an adoption panel hosted by our adoption agency. It is always such a honor to share our adoption journey with other couples who are considering creating their family thru adoption too.

We LOVE bath time. Every once in a while, I catch him crawling into the guest bathroom and pulling up on the tub then clapping and squealing with delight :)

Turner is now able to get on and off of his Radio Flyer airplane. He is such a big boy.

Lexus and Turner have quiet the funny relationship. This week he has really started to "play" with her....wait, let me re-phrase...not sure if it is playing or "tormenting" Lexus. He will chase her around the entire house. She'll stop, turn around and start barking at him and he sits up and starts clapping and laughing. She doesn't think it is near as funny!
Turner and his toy Aunt CC got him. I think she's training him early to be a basket ball player.

More fun bath time pictures!
So modest...

I couldn't resist posting this makes me laugh out loud every time I see it. Such a sweet little face

We hope everyone has an amazing week.

God bless!


Lollynpops said...

Turner you are growing way to fast for Lolly. I can't wait for next week to be over with so we can have some time together the next week. Aunt CC will take care of you until I get there. Don't let her get all your sugar. I love you baby, Lolly

Stephanie said...

Oh my sweet goodness! Let me just preface this by saying, I HATE SNAKES! I mean, I see black spots and hearing ringing noises when I see one. Seeing that demon thing hanging from your cabinet will most certainly provide the fodder I need to keep me from any and all places snakes might hide. And PS, John is my hero. The less snakes the better.
And second, Turner is the most precious thing I have ever seen! I just want to give him a big squeeze every time I see his pictures. You all are so precious and reading your story continues to confirm God calling us to adoption as well! Cannot wait to hear more of your journey!

Molly said...

Love it! I love seeing John's bed head and that ugly snake. I am with Stephanie...John is my hero!

Love that sweet little man and all those pictures. So wish we could have been there with you on Saturday. Hope it was a good group of couples!

Miss you bunches and hope you are doing well!

Jamie said...

Dinner is definitely a must sometime soon....I would LOVE to meet sweet Turner! I have found it is addicting! We love keeping up with Turner and watching him grow!

Julie G. Laperouse said...

What a crazy weekend! I think that would have scared the baby out of me. :) The latest pictures of Turner are awesome. Paul thinks he is the coolest and cutest kid out there. I hope Little Tiger can compete!