Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer time FUN!

This weekend was absolutely perfect! And I mean everything from the weather to the Bar B Que John made Friday night...I don't want the week to start :)
On Saturday, we decided it was time for Turner to have his own little pool.
So off to Wal-mart we went to find the perfect one. 3 trips and an electric pump later we were splish splashin in his new jungle pool!
He loves the water...even when it's freezing cold. It doesn't seem to phase him one bit.
Pucker up Mr. Zebra
We can hook the hose up to the zebra and water sprinkles out of his nose!
The pool is even big enough for me to get in and lay out! Yippee!
Friday night, John treated us to some of his famous BBQ ribs. They were YUMMY. God knew exactly what he was doing when he picked John for me...I love to eat but hate to cook :)
So while John was cooking and I was enjoying the beautiful weather,
Turner decided he wanted to smell the flowers....and seconds later....
decided to eat dirt....
This face says it all :)
And in true Chassidy fashion, I had to take a picture before I got the dirt out of his mouth...a little dirt doesn't hurt anyone, right?
Hope you all had an amazing weekend!


Brantley Family said...

Looks like you guys enjoyed the weekend as much as we did! Isn't summer great!!!

Laura said...

Oh my gosh! That picture of him eating the dirt is so funny! I started laughing out loud!

Enjoy your new pool!

Molly said...

What a great post! I love family time and summer! Does it get any better? Love that pool, it looks perfect and what a plus that you can swim too!

Okay, I died laughing at that dirt picture. I did the same thing with my boys, had to document it first before cleaning them up. And let me tell you that Cooper made a habit out of eating dirt. I couldn't get him to quit. In fact, I would catch him in the back yard with it all over his face and ask him if he ate it. He would smile, with mud in his mouth and say "NO!" Ha, little stinker!

So glad you are loving this life and soaking up every minute of it!

Deonne said...

Oh my goodness! Those pictures are so cute! The ones where he's trying out the dirt are CRACKING ME UP! Adorable! Love you!

Lollynpops said...

What a big boy in that pool all by myself. I think that Turner is going to like the water like his Mama and Aunt CC, just like water dogs! Ok, the dirt is just ok. It cleans up easily, but the face looks like he did not like it. What a little doll. We can't wait to see you Turner. Love you Lolly

Ashley said...

Those are great!!! You did have an awesome weekend!!!

Aunt CC said...

I am so going to get a pool now!!! Those pics are too funny; "Like they say, just rub some dirt in it!" Turner before you know it, you'll be eatin worms and then Mommy will really panic:) love ya sis