Monday, November 11, 2013

5 years of laughs, tickles, silliness and so much more!

Well nothing like being over a month late to post Turner's 5th birthday celebration.  We have made it a tradition to go to the cabin in Arkansas and spend his actual birthday at his favorite theme park: Silver Dollar City.  This year, was no different!

The hulk just couldn't contain his excitement!
We made Turner and Lydia wait at the top of the stairs before coming down on his birthday morning...suspense always makes it more FUN!!
This expression says it all!!  He loves to see the cabin decorated and pile of presents on the table!
Ready to dig in :)  And yes, I ran out of wrapping paper and resorted to a grocery bag!  Good thing Turner could care less
A few of his "wish list" items: A remote control airplane : CHECK
Not sure if Turner or his daddy was more excited about this: 25th anniversary Superhero DVD
Another top of the list item: Transformers
Then after a fun filled morning of gifts, we put on our jackets and headed to Branson
1st stop: his favorite ride...the JUMPING frogs!  Lydia actually laughed the entire time which was a huge improvement as this summer she screamed the ENTIRE TIME
We let them pick out 1 item from the park...and to my surprise and delight, they picked out adorable hand painted and personalized umbrellas...something other than a toy makes this momma HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY
Funny story on his birthday- we bought it from the local grocery store in Arkansas.  I told them THREE times how to spell his name...seriously THREE.TIMES.  When I came back to pick it up this is what was on it!  TUNER :) Oh well, made for a good laugh
What's a birthday without a HUGE piece of birthday cake for breakfast!
Sis ate so much cake for breakfast that she puked on the way to Silver Dollar City...never a dull moment with these 2!
Some of Turner's favorite things include:
Face painting
the colors blue, green & orange
Ninja Turtles
Brown Bear Brown Bear & his Lego books
He loves watching Scooby Doo and Tom & Jerry
singing Jesus music and dancing to Justin Bieber
He absolutely adores his 2 sisters.  His favorite thing about Lydia is that she plays in the back yard with him and lets him chase her.  He loves Nora the most when she holds his hand and smiles at him.  He doesn't however like when she pulls his hair!
He LOVE LOVES LOVES dressing up and playing with friends!
His smile absolutely melts my heart!  He has a heart of gold and loves to tell people about Jesus and pray at dinner time.  The other day we were in the store and there was a deformed lady, he got very sad  and quiet....once in the car, he asked if we could pray to Jesus to make her look like him so people wouldn't be scared of her. I love his compassion and empathy and prays he always shows it to those who need it the most
He is all boy who loves to pee outside, play in the dirt, wear his cowboy boots & camo,  and ride his bike around the neighborhood. 
He keeps us laughing and on our toes.  He doesn't slow down for much except to snuggle with mommy in the mornings.  He loves to make silly faces and tell jokes.  He's the life of the party and likes to be the center of attention.
Although very outgoing, he does get embarrassed easily and has his shy moments.
He is noticing more and more that he is brown and we are white.  But it doesn't seem to bother him a bit.  He asked his daddy the other night if he would get freckles and turn white like him when he gets older.  We remind him all the time that families don't have to match to love one another.  We are extra special and just the way God made us
His girlfriend is Addi.  He thinks it really neat that she has a sister that is adopted and "brown" like him. 
Turner's BFF is a toss up between Cole, Gabe and Lydia. Just depends what day you ask him. 
He is a natural athlete and is a 'beast" on the soccer field.  On a typical game, he scores 75%  of the goals.  He's quick on his feet, can run faster than faster, and has coordination like no other! We are taking a break from sports this winter and he's taking a boys only Hip Hop class...this is guaranteed to make us mommies laugh and who knows we may even learn a dance move or two
He still loves to snuggle, hold hands, and kiss. 
He is thankful for french toast sticks with syrup, Ms. Kathy, God giving us friends, our car, our world and the moon and stars
He enjoys pestering his sister but is caught off guard when she fights back! 
Turner we love you to the moon and back. So thankful you made me a mommy first.  I love your spunk, your heart and your silliness.  You have taught me to have patience, not to take life so seriously, and that I need to slow down and just play more often. Our lives would be so boring without you.  I pray you always love Jesus, read books, act silly, never stop dancing and sing praise and worship music at the top of your lungs. You bring so much joy to our lives.  You will always be my baby boy no matter how old you are...

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