Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Turner bears!

Nothing like being nearly 2 weeks late on this post!! That just goes to show we've been having too much fun to blog! 

We headed to Arkansas to spend Turner's birthday at the cabin with just the 4 of us!  Nothing beats good old fashion family time!

 This one is a bit out of order, but we got the kids tickets to Batman Live in OKC.  They had a blast getting all dressed up.  The show was great...only got scary at the very end so John & Turner went upstairs and ran around
 Turner's birthday was filled with all of his favorite things- BIRTHDAY BACON of course
 Happy Birthday Bubba!!
 Birthday cake with M&M's and CANDLES!
 Thinking about what his birthday wish will be

 Turner is in LOVE with anything Scooby Doo!
We treated the kids to Silver Dollar City.  The weather was amazing and we basically had the place to ourselves-no lines, no wait time!  Turner's favorite spot was the ball pit!

 The kids LOVE riding all the rides.  Can't wait til sis gets a little taller then she can ride them all with her big brother
 Such a big boy...riding all by himself
 Oh Turner- I love your spunky personality.  You make me laugh non-stop and keep me on my toes. You have such a sweet spirit and a big heart. I love love love you so stinkin much!  What a boring life I would lead if I didn't have you in it my sweet little boy
 You love making funny faces, funny sounds and the word POOP!
You're a natural athlete.  You love soccer, running, and playing in the dirt with your dump trucks
 You love bath time, reading books, telling stories, and giving hugs!  You also like to shake your booty anytime you hear music.  Knock knock jokes still make you giggle
 You know that Jesus lives in your HEART and that he loves you when you're silly, sad, mad, crying, happy or even when you're in trouble.  You love to sing songs about Jesus and of course anything that Justin Bieber sings. 
 You love playing dress up, wrestling with Lydia, Mercy, Lexus and just about anyone else who will play rough with you.  We are trying really hard not to hit, kick or push people we love.  That lesson has been a hard one to learn/fully understand but we're trying! 
You love talking on the phone, snuggling at bedtime, picking beautiful flowers, taking pictures, and making cookies.  You're still a picky eater!  You're not a fan of veggies and most meats but you love fruits, chips n cheese & milk! 
Turner got a new pet for his birthday to wrap up the celebrations- a beta fish who he proudly named TACO!

Your stats at your 4 year check up
Weight: 42 lbs which is in the 50%
and you're 42 1/4 inches tall which is 65%
 You got 2 icky shots and the flu mist
so 2 shots = 2 scoops of icecream!!

Thank you Jesus for blessing us with Turner.  And God bless Charlene for making the brave decision and choosing adoption for this boy who she loves dearly.  We are forever grateful & thankful

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Aunt CC said...

We love you too Turner and HAPPY BIRTHDAY again! Your mom forgot to add, Turner LOVES his Aunt CC and Uncle E :)