Thursday, October 13, 2011

Faces of a child

So one evening this week while at the dinner table, Turner decided to be silly and make several different faces - he even asked me to take pictures of each face-he's a HAM I'm telling you!

Hope you'll find them as adorable as I do!

Turner said this is his "Daddy" face......

his sad face....

his SICK face.....

his SERIOUS face....

My personal favorite, his HAPPY face!

Sissy even jumped in on the fun

~Sissy can make a happy face too~

Turner's MAD face ...

!Lydia's SURPRISED face !

Lydia's version of a MAD face!

Turner has said some funny & sweet things I want to remember forever!

Yesterday morning he ran into the dining room where Lydia and I were eating breakfast with the following items in his 2 hands.....his sippy cup, his daddy's flash light (turned on of course), his BFF Maxx, and a water bottle. He calmly said, "Mommy, I ready- Let's do it!!"

Then this morning we were having breakfast and the sun was coming up over the trees in the backyard and Turner said is a sweet soft little voice-
"Mommy, the sun is beautiful. Jesus makes beautiful things."

I couldn't agree with you more Turner!


Aunt CC said...

your kids are a gift from yall

lorena-melinda said...

They are really cute :) I love the photos :)