Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

A few weeks ago we had newborn pics taken by our favorite local photographer Brittany Stover. We absolutely adore her- she captures the sweetest moments. Here is a sneak peak of the photo shoot
This was the tiniest basket...I couldn't believe she fit in it!

Sassy little Lydia

Turner was cracking us up at the photo shoot... I have now (after much stress) come to the fact that we won't get a good family picture or one of Turner and Lydia until this little wild man is older! He was not enjoying pictures at all :) So him and daddy left early!

Those kissable lips

Lydia was such a good customer She had a full belly and slept most of the time! It was so funny how Brittany would position her and she wouldn't wake up!

I absolutely LOVE this one. This mommy is so in love with our little miracle girl.
We are anxious to see the rest! If they are anything like these, we'll be in big trouble!
Speaking of photoshoots, I'm so excited for next Tuesday. 1st of all we are missing "K" and the kids like crazy so we are going to visit! Lydia and I are headed to Tulsa to have family pictures made with "K" and the kids. Her brother is a photographer in T-town and it taking them for us...our Christmas present to "K" I've had a blast shopping for all the kiddos. They are wearing red, black, and grey! The girls will be super sassy with their tutus and bows and the boys have the cutest plaid shirts! It's going to be awesome!! And something Lydia will cherish for all the days of her life!
I'm sure I won't post until after Christmas so have a very Merry Christmas. We have so much to be thankful for!


mckenziegordon said...

I could just stare at her all day. She is so pretty. Enjoy these sweet days of cuddling!

Melodie said...

those pictures are amazing! holden slept through his newborn shoot and then Pax wouldn't fall asleep during his. and isn't it so hard to simply get a picture of the 2 together? i feel ya! it still is a challenge for us. Lydia is a beauty and so glad y'all were able to capture these sweet moments.

Annie said...

These pictures are fantastic!!! What a sweet angel. Love the one of you and Lydia... that's definitely a framer. Merry Christmas to your fab family of four!

Molly said...

Oh my WORD! These are to die for! Love, love, love them! Thanks for sharing!

Brantley Family said...

She's absolutely precious Chass! Congrats again!